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1998 Suzuki 1400 Intruder Review: I ride it like I stole it.

Dark Red
Review Summary: 

   About two months ago I bought my 1998 Suzuki VS1400 Intruder from a retired 74 year old Raliegh NC police officer who after laying the bike down in his yard realised it was just to big for him. He was the original owner from what I understand the bike never spend a day or night out side and to look at it you can tell he took very good care of it. However he also never made any changes to the look of the bike either so when I got it. It was in as close to  original conditition as a bike could possibly be.
  I come from a family of American bike riders and after the ordeal of my first bike a 1976 Honda CB360 when I sold that I decided I was going to hold out for a bike like dads old 1936 Indain that was over 30 years ago. My daughter who hates motorcycles with a passion was the one who suggested I get a bike of course I think she was thinking of something along the lines of a moped lol. I have to admit the intruder wasn't my first choice originally I was looking at the Suzuki Bergman 650. Than I saw a Suzuki S-83 Intruder that was painted gold about six months ago and instantly fell in love. The American chopper frame design has always been a strong classic design in my opinion and Suzuki really made it stand out in the crowd when they started using it in the Intruder models.
  When I buy a bike I'm probably one of the most picky people you will ever meet.I don't base my choice on all the data or lemon reports that alot of riders do. I don't care about how much chorme it has or what I can do to alter the design of the bike. I don't buy because its what every one else is riding either. For me its about the feel of the bike when I pull it up off the kickstand. I have to feel as if the bike is an extention of my body and my personality. to date I have only found four bikes that meet my requirements. The 1936 Indian, 1976 Honda CB360, The 2015 Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob, and the 1998 Suzuki Intruder VS1400. 

(UPDATE; 8/16/2015)
     I just turned the 3,000 mile mark on my 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1400. Time for a oil change.hahaha. It had 13,000 on it when I bought it. it now has 16,000 miles on it and she still running strong. I've changed out the review mirrors,added Kuryakyn grips, and and the Kuryakyn contour throttle boss and a tourmaster sissy bar bag. I recently found out that the 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1400 was the first bike Suzuki built that put the company on the map with the other big bikes in its class. Another thing I'd like to mention. "You boys with your big bad crotch rockets need to pay attention here." I've been challeged by several bikers on crotch rockets recently. They may get me off the line when the light goes green. BUT! If you look just to your left I'm the red streak that's passing you 50 yards down the road in the left lane. I've found I can go zero to 60 in less than 3 seconds and 60 to about 120 in another 10 seconds or less. I have noticed that I need to invest is a fork stableizer because after 80 she starts to shake a bit. (either that or my flex capasitor is on the edge of a time jump back to the

Best Features: 
Balance of this bike when kicked up off the kickstand is spot on perfection even with a passenger its light weight at just over 500lbs. makes the shaft drives quick response something to brag about.
The number one improvement would have to be the adjustment of the raker's as they are set to the max of the bikes over all design making low speed driving a bit tricky and making the operator appear as if he or she is drunk. Being able to use more of the after market products such as lights and other accessories would be really great as well. I've changed the factory grips out got the Kuryakyn ISO grips and the matching Kuryakyn contour throttle boss, as well as a pair of Kuryakyn rear view mirrors.
Compares to: 
If I had to compare my Intruder 1400 to any thing it would be hard to compare it to just one bike. It's got the heart of my dads old 1936 Indian. For some this may sound like a stretch but dad's Indian while it was cold blooded never failed him and my Intruder starts every time I turn the key and hit the starter switch. Not many bikes that are 17 years old that I've seen will do that every time. Having the agility of my old 1976 Honda CB360 has proven to be very handy in traffic I can get up and match speeds and when ready and it's safe I can zip through the worst of backed up or rush hour traffic and be home in time for for dinner. The balance of the Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob even I have to admit is hard to match.Before buying the intruder 1400 I was considering a Harley (after talking with my brother is owns six Harley's himself.) So I went to the local Harley dealer here in New Bern I walked around the showroom sat on about every bike in the shop. and kicked each one up off the kickstand to see how it felt. everything from the new 500 to the 1200 sportser felt heavy on the right side. the Dyna Lowrider was nice the factory handle bars reminded me of mom's old Suzuki 90 handlebars than I sat on the Dyna street bob. It had something no other bike in its class in the shop had it felt balanced when I kicked it up off the kickstand. I knew at that point if I was going to ride a big bike it had to feel balanced when I kicked it up off the kickstand. Why didn't I buy a Harley? simple a Harley the same year as mine in mint condition sell's for pretty close to $5,000.00 and I was short about $1,000.00. When I saw the Intruder I fell in love with the design there was something about it. The way it looked with the nose of the frame up in the air. It has that 60's to early 70's chopper look and the balance is spot on.
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very tall
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around town, commute, with passenger, short trips, long trips
few accessories

I've recently added a Tourmaster Sissy bar tail bag, Kuryakyn ISO grips and matching contuor throttle boss, kuryakyn replacement OEM mirror's.