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2007 Yamaha Stratoliner Review: 2007 Stratoliner

Review Summary: 

I like this bike. It does everything well. You can do some caynon carving or just ride and relax. It's 800lbs seems heavy but it is very nimble. The only thing about this bike is it goes throught the tires. I get from 8,000 - 10,000 miles a set. It gets ok milage for me. I tend to keep the throttle in the wide open position most the time. Its FUN that's why. I have just over 30,000 miles on it and have done no major work. It just keeps going and going. The seat is great ( stock) for me. I can ride this bike for 5-6 hrs and have no isues with my butt or back. I do have a backrest which helps a great deal. I installed some bulback risers that helped my shoulders from getting tired.
This model of Yahama has lots of after market stuff, not only from Yahama but the aftermarket suppliers. It is easy to work on. I do ALL my own work. I never take it to any repair place. They don't fix anything and they charge $125.00 an hr. I have heard all the scare stories from several guys about all the repair shops around here. The Dealers are the worst ones of all.
These are the things that bugged me with this bike.
1. Low speed drivability. The engine wants to hunt and surge. This is between 0-10 miles per HR. Chug Chug Chug kinda thing. Anything above 15 the bike runs great.
2. For me the handle bars are a streach. I had to lean forward just a bit, This made my shoulders and upper back ache. I like the width, that fits ok.
3. The brake leaver could be a little bit closer. I have little hands and it seems that I have to reach for the lever. It would be nice if it were adjustable. Like on the Suzuki's. The brake pedel seems a little on the high side. You have to pick your foot up off the boards and apply the brake. ( I shortened the brake rod and that helped). The brakes work GREAT, You can lock up the rear tire very fast if you don't pay attention.
That's it for the bad things.

Best Features: 
The quick release windshield, backrest, saddel bags. It is very well balanced bike. I never fell unblanced (parking lot driving) it wheels around like a 400cc bike. Easy to work on..
I would like the handel bar risers about 1-2 in back and 1-2 in up. This would improve the control input. Keep ones' back from getting tired. Move the brake peddal down about 1/2 to 3/4 in. Just so you could just lift the ball of your foot to make contact with the brake peddal. The LED tail lite is difficult to see in the day light. It's the angleToo low. I have had several cagers and bikers tell me that the brake lite doesn't work. ( I added more lites) This bike NEEDs a oil filter guard. It sets right in the open behind the tire. It gets all the rocks and debree. I have had on rock punch a pin hole in a filter.(oil) Better belt guard system. I have two rocks punch throught the belt.
Compares to: 
The closest bike to this one would be the C50T. It was a great bike just smaller. 800cc verses 1800cc.
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currently own
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around town, commute, with passenger, short trips, long trips
some accessories

Driving lites, Crash bar, Windshield Quick release, Floor boards(Yahama), quick release backrest and luggage rack, Hard bags(Yahama). Drivers backrest, some LEDs. Cobra fuel processor, Big air kit, Baron's risers. Kury flam grips, passenger floor boards, Mud flaps front and rear. Kury foot pegs and adaptors for the crash bar, A tumbstone style leather bag, GoPro video camera and all the adaptors. I'm not done yet got more coming..