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2007 Honda VTX1800F Spec3 VTX1800F Review: A Great Ride!

Pearl Yellow
Review Summary: 

I bought my 2007 VTX1800F in January, 2010 right out of the crate when I still lived in the Chicago area.  Sales of heavy bikes of any brand were suffering from the recession, so the deal I got was amazing...but not as amazing as the bike itself.  I now have over 30K on the odometer.

The "F" is essentially the same as the "C" except for cosmetic differences. (Please note though that not all accessories that fit on the "C" work on the "F", so be sure that the part you want specifies "F".)  I love the sporty, bold look of the bike and it's performance is right there along with it.  Torgue?  You could pull a cabin cruiser on a trailer with this baby.  As far as speed goes, let's just say that the digital speedometer works just fine up to and through triple digits for those who want to push the limits.  BTW, the inverted front forks and linked brakes are life savers...literally. 

I have made this bike my own. I HIGHLY recommend getting Diamond Custom Seats to build you a saddle.  Mustang and the others just do not compare...I have tried many of them, so you can believe me on that one and save yourself the cost and aggrevation.  I am 6 foot, 240lbs. and my wife is 5 foot, 110lbs.  We can now ride all day without butt discomfort.  Remember, it is not the softness of the seat that matters. It is how your weight is distributed on the seat that counts. Diamond takes care of that based on your specific height/weight and they cannot be beat.
I have also added, Cobra slip-ons which are perfect for this motor (getting rid of the stock pipes will save you about 40lbs and give you more power and a great sound for a metric.) I had also added a Cobra 2000 FI fuel mangement system when I added a K & N air filter. After a year, it failed miserably, nearly blowing my electrical system.  My Honda guy suggested eliminiating it and the K & N as the stock system can adjust to the slip-ons just fine, but the addition of the K & N would exceed the mapping. That's what I did, and the bike runs like a champ, with no loss in power or gas mileage.  Note, the choice between the slip-ons and  the K & N was a no brainer.  The benefit of running stock electronics with the slip-ons is the best way to go unless your are really doing a complete overhaul.

Since I ride all the time, I have also added bags and a Switchblade Windshield and lots of chrome and other conveniences a noted below.  My only complaints are the same for all non-Goldwing Honda's...No 6th gear, no self-cancelling turn signals and no cruise control for the long rides.  A bike this good could benefit from them...but for the price? I'll live with it!!!

Best Features: 
Great ride...nimble for a big bike. Inverted forks, linked brakes, liquid cooled, beefy tires...Oh, did I mention the 1800cc motor?
Could use: 6th gear, self-cancelling turn signals and cruise control as an option.
Compares to: 
VTX 1800C.
My Overall Rating: 
Power : 
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currently own
Riding Style: 
around town, commute, with passenger, short trips, long trips

National Cycle Switchblade Windshield with chrome lowers, Diamond Custom Seats front and back, Saddle Bags and back travel case/sissy bar, Cobra Slip-on pipes, passenger foot-pegs, flashing headlight, converted rear taillights with flashers, front light bar, chrome covers for drive shaft and elsewhere, Vista Throttle Lock, X-Bar handle bar with risier, custom made cup holder and MP3 holder and wiring.

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