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2008 Honda VTX1800C VTX1800C Review: Everyone should own at least one Honda VTX1800 in their lifetime

Candy Apple Red with Ghost Black Flames
Review Summary: 

A great looking, comfortable, effortless, very easy bike to ride, smooth (virtually vibrationless,at idle anyway) it has a 17kg counterbalance weight on the crankshaft to remove most engine vibrations.............I own a CBX1000 six cylinder and the VTX1800C is nearly as smooth with plenty of power in any gear, although not as fast off the lights as a 1 Litre sports bike..........she'll still put the wind up you.
The ground clearance on the corners is a bit low, but once you get used to it, you ride her to suit........and she'll keep up with and pass any other cruiser around........(except for the Suzuki Boulivarde M109R and the Harley-Davidson V-Rod........................
off the lights......a slight gain over 100mtrs)
The aftermarket parts and accessories list is endless including OEM and other manufacturers in the U.S.A for this bike.
You can get any parts plus more and the chrome list is endless.
The factory exhaust system is a beautiful setup,but the cannon muffler is far too long and it's way too quiet........It's necessary for Government & E.P.A. requirements. So the first thing to do is put an aftermarket exhaust system on. Or maybe, fit a shorter cannon muffler. I fitted a Cobra Short Shot Straight Cut System. Now she goes much better without the OEM overbaffled muffler. Also much more fun to ride with a lot more exhaust noise and looks awesome she sounds like a Gattling Gun................Fantastic!
She's a heavy bike at 350kgs..................... It has to have the strength and weight to be able to handle the torque and power of this engine.
The only time the weight balance is an issue is when you've got a pillion passenger..............................just like on any bike. Or when you're pushing her into a parking spot, or around the back yard.
The riding position,with the forward foot controls and the wide Drag Bar style handlebars is just perfect for me, although I have installed 6" high handlebar risers.The OEM seat is also very comfortable for me. I'm 5'10" tall and 78kgs. My girlfriend has no complaints about the pillion seat or the footpeg positions and just loves being on the back of the VTX1800C.
It's a comfortable and fun bike to ride on long or short trips.
The fuel consumption is not light, but hey!........if you want a fuel miser, buy a scooter!
The motor is fitted with a rev. limiter which prevents the motor over reving when your accelarating quickly.It only works in first and second and third gears. It takes a bit of getting used too, particularly when the red line starts in the low 5,000rpm's.You just have to change from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gears quite fast to prevent the rev. limiter from cutting in.It's a good precautionary measure Honda's fitted for the longevity of the motor.
Out of all the bikes I've owned and still own...........this bike is my all time favourite.
This bike always gets comments, compliments and comparisons with a Harley-Davidson wherever she goes, but I always say, "This bike is better"...........and I know, cause I own a H-D. CVO.

Best Features: 
So easy, effortless, comfortable, docile...(when you want her to be), fast, loud, heaps of torque and great fun to ride. Also, a very good looking motorcycle.
Automatic Anti Theft Alarm, Chrome OEM Front and Rear Wheels, Chrome Hub Covers for Front Wheel (2off), Gold Anodised Right Angled Wheel Air Valves & Covers, Chrome OEM Brake Rotors(2 front & 1 rear), Chrome Lower Fork Covers, Chrome Front Fender Tips (front & back), Chrome Brake Caliper Covers....Front & Rear, Chrome Rear Brake Reservoir Cover, Colour Matched OEM Bikini Fairing, Extreme Vision (Plus 35 metres) H4 Quartz Headlight Globe, Pathblazer Headlight Pulsator,Kuryakyn Chrome/Rubber Brake & Gear Peg Covers, Kurakyn Chrome Front & Rear Pillion Footpegs with adaptors, Chrome Front Brakes Manifold Cover, Chrome Upper & Lower Triple Tree Clamp Covers, Chromed Cover for under Upper Triple Tree Clamp, Chrome Hondaline Triple Tree Bolt Covers (3off),Fully Buffed and Rechromed Sidestand with Chromed Sidestand Bracket, Chrome Clock Mounted to the main fork bolt on Triple Tree, Custom Chrome 113mm Handlebar Risers, Chrome Indicator Deep Dish Bezels (4off), Chrome OEM Handlebar Switch Blocks....left & right, Chrome OEM Brake & Clutch Levers, 22 Karat Gold Plated Brake & Clutch Reservoir Covers, Chrome Clutch and Brake Lever Handlebar Clamps, Chrome OEM Speedo Mounting Bezel/Clamp, Chrome Engine Bolts, Frame, Brake Calipers etc: Bolt & Screw Caps, Chrome Hondaline Billet Aluminium Oil Dipstick, Magnetic Oil Drain Plug,Chrome Billet Banjo Bolt Covers for Front & Rear Brakes 8off, Chrome OEM Side/Battery Covers (2off), K&N High Performance Air Filter, Cobra "Speedster Shorts" Exhaust System with Billet Straight Cut End Caps, Dynajet Power Commander, Chrome 100mm Cover for OEM Horn, Chrome "Rivco" 6"& 8" All Steel Twin Trumpet Airhorns, Custom made Polished Stainless Steel Bracket for the Airhorns, Chrome Billet Speedometer Visor, Chrome Radiator Shroud/Cover, Chrome Kuryakyn Ergo Engine Crash Bars with extendable highway pegs, 22 Karat Gold Plated OEM Spark Plug Covers (4 off), 22 Karat Gold Radiator Coolant Reservoir Cover, 22 Karat Gold Plated OEM Air Filter Cover, Chrome Hondaline Sissy Bar with Honda Emblem, Hondaline Sissybar Backpad, Chrome Hondaline Passenger Grab Rails, Chrome Hondaline Sissy Bar Luggage Rack, Chrome Shock Absorber Top Covers, Chrome Shock Absorber Top & Bottom Bolt Covers, LED Tailight System, Tailight Accent Cover, Custom Polished Stainless Steel Engine Mount Brackets (6off), Chrome Swingarm Pivot Covers, Altered Number Plate Frame Holder (shortened to bring it up closer to rear fender), Chrome Swingarm Covers, Chrome Axle Cover (righthand side), Chrome Driveshaft Cover, Chome Hub Covers...Upper & Lower, Chrome OEM Rear Hub Drive Unit, Chrome Front Brake Lines Junction Covers (2off), 22 Karat Gold Plated Customised Ignition Keys (Key not visible when ignition on), Polished Stainless Steel Billet Number Plate Frame, Remote Controlled Number Plate Flipper (up & down),Throttlemeister Polished Stainless Steel Handlebar End Weights/Cruise Control, Custom Chrome VTX Fuel Cap Hinge,Kuryakyn Chrome Engine Case Covers.
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currently own
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around town, with passenger, short trips
some accessories


Excellent review! I will certainly consider the VTX for my next ride!

I have both an 1100 Shadow Spirit, and an 1800T. I love'm both for different reasons, but I have to say the VTX is my favorite - for all the reasons Peter said, and more! I've got Vance and Hines Big Shots on mine, and the sound is very nice! I like them much better than stock.

Im loving my VTX1800C, traded up from a Kawa VN800 so now I have plenty of power to handle those annoying 4 x 4s that think they are faster than motorbikes.

Hey Dave,
I'm hearin' ya!