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2009 Harley Dyna Fat Bob FXDF Review: CVO Fat Bob 110

Black & Burgundy
Review Summary: 

As with all CVOs in the Harley line-up the Fat Bob is a very good looking bike with a ton of chrome and an awesome paint job. It has all the power one needs from the 110ci engine. It is a bit quiet for such a big banger but that's no bad thing for long term hearing!! The most amazing thing about this bike is how well it handles given that it weighs well over 300kgs (about 320kgs wet). The stock seat is remarkably comfortable. I did a 1700km trip shortly after I bought the bike and had no pain in my lower back or my backside. As with all Harleys the whole bike shakes and vibrates at standstill - which is a bit disconcerting after riding a smooth big bore Japanese cruiser. However, you do get used to it and it is part of the "Harley character". The bike does not like a lot of stop start riding, especially in the summer and does get hot in such riding conditions. However, the rear cylinder does shut down if the bike is idling for extended periods. Overall, a very attractive and capable bike. Attracts a lot of attention from passers-by.

Best Features: 
It handles exceptionally well for a full size cruiser that weighs over 300 kgs. The mid range power from the 110ci/1803cc motor is more than enough to get you into trouble. The CVOs come completely blinged out with chrome and special paint. If you were to take a standard Fat Bob and try to reproduce the CVO look, feel and power, it would make the exercise prohibitvely expensive.
There are things I have added like a back rest, rack, a touring seat, a solo seat and a few other bits and pieces. A windshield would be a handy thing to have for loing trips and is on my shopping list. The only thing that has annoyed me, which I have now fixed, is the limited toe room between the right foot peg and the foot brake. I could not rest my foot on the peg without twisting my foot downwards so that it could fit under the brake. It as either that or splay my foot to the right away from the brake. I have added a Kuryakyn peg extender which allows my foot to sit comfortably next to the brake.
Compares to: 
Not sure, but other power cruisers that might be compared to the Fat Bob are the Kawasaki Mean Streak (no longer in production), the Suzuki M109R, the Honda VTX 1800 (no longer in production), the Victory Hammer S and perhaps the new Victory Judge too. However, model for model, I don't think there is anything that is a direct comparison to a CVO Harley. I owned a Mean Streak 1600 immediately before the Fat Bob. Apart from the 200cc capacity difference (and attendant difference in torque), I think the biggest overall difference is the better handling of the Fat Bob. The shorter wheel base and slightly tighter front rake of the Fat Bob might be the reason for that.
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around town, commute, short trips, long trips
some accessories

Sissy bar and detatchable rack, chrome cover for the Heavy Breather air filter, multiple seats for different types of rides, chrome cover for the left side engine case, chrome caps for every exposed nut and bolt on the bike, chrome switches for left and right switchblocks, peg extenders, leather tank bra, digital oil level/temperature dipstick, magnetic caps to cover the docking points for the detatchable rack.

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A very honest review Sir

if I see you on the road please don't be surprised if I pass you on my thunderbird ,of cause you may not see me as your vision may be blurred by the vibration from the BIG HD's Motor .