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2013 Triumph Thunderbird LT Review: nice handling at slower speed for 800 lbs

Review Summary: 

I was looking for another bike after mother nature blew me and my 2011 Triumph Speedmaster off the road.  I saw Triumph was coming out with a cruiser.  I was originally going to get the Thunderbird Storm and customize it, but the LT had pretty much everything I wanted to start with, thus very little after market accessories sort of.  I got in on the launch version thus ended up with more than normally comes on the bike.  
Pros:  for being almost 250 lbs more than my Speedmaster, wasn't too much difference it getting used to it.  It has a low center of gravity and handles fairly well at low speed.  Plenty of tork.  6th gear is for cruising.  It does lack a bit of umph for passing from 65 on up.  Better to shift down to 5th to make that quick pass.   Seat height is almost too low for me (I'm 6'1").  The paint job is way better in person.  Images and pictures of it just does not bring out the color and detail.  The seat is almost as good as my Airhawk air cushion I had the the Speedmaster.  The saddlebags can be taken off in about 10 minutes with just several bolts removed.  Nice to have the ABS breaking.
Cons:  No back rest from Triumph.  Did manage to put one on it from Protact.  No cruise control.  (Will be adding the Brakeaway Cruise control, but have to buy new grips that have NO flange so it will work).  The spoked wheels look nice but are a real pain to clean.  They cross each other by the rim and no way to get a rag or finger in their to clean.  Have to use Q-tips or S100 spray to get out the road grime.  I didn't care for the leather saddlebags.  Nothing wrong with them, just prefer side opening hardbags.  With a bit of ingenuity, mounted a set on it from Matazu.  Also put a trunk on it.  I'm not sure how people with shorter arms are going to find the reach.  It is ok for me, but I have 34" sleeves.   It is not a sport cruiser, the floorboards will scrape the pavement if you push it through the corners fast enough.  
Unless something drastic happens in the future, I plan on keeping and riding this bird until I no longer ride.  All set for doing some road trips and seeing the country.

Best Features: 
The seat, none other compare, that is what every reviewer has commented about THIS IS ACTUALLY A 2014. This is the first year Triumph has come out with the Thunderbird LT and Commander.
triumph could make a removable back rest for it. Would be nice if they also make some sideloading hard bags like they had on the 2006 Tiger. Also make a trunk to go on it.
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some accessories

Brakeaway Cruise control, Matazu MU hard saddlebags and trunk, windshield and tool bag,