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Great Pipes but one major flaw

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Great Pipes but one major flaw

Much better quality Regulator mount equal to original factory
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Bought these pipes February of 2013 and the pipes themselves still look like new after 23,000 miles. I love the look, sound and quality of the pipes themselves.
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Recently i was returning home from a 4,900 mile cross country trip and 100 miles from home on the hwy my bike shook, jerked and something sound awful. Then 50 miles later and just 50 miles from home everything died. After calling a friend and renting a trailer to get the bike home i discovered the bracket supplied by Cobra for the Regulator/rectifier had broken off part of it still bolted to the bike. The regulator came off the bike at 70 mph yanking the regulator wires from the wiring harness. This would have never happened with the factory mount and is costing $$$ to repair the damage to the bike
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Standard wrenches
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> 1 Year