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I'm happy with them. They look good, protect ...

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I'm happy with them. They look good, protect the engine/bike when you drop it, and gives you a place to hang the pegs. A couple of drawbacks, but not show stoppers. They do hit the Memphis Shades Lowers when you are at the stops. I broke off the left lower which got hit everytime I used the steering lock (which is always). I lowered the bracket some and now the lowers just barely hit the bar, do now I don't think I have a problem. But now there is a larger gap between the lowers and the bottom of the windshield. I don't think that matters much, but I haven't systematically compared the two postions.

One other small irritant with the bars is that I used a ride a lot with my heels on the end of the floorboards and toes hanging off the end. The bar is right at the end of the floorboard, so you can't do that. I do have the highway pegs, but I did really like the hanging over the edge position.

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