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01 1500lc problem

hello, i just got a 2001 suzuki intruder 1500 LC. on a cold start its really hard to start and when it does start it has a cylinder lag. then after about 30 secs the both seem to run fine. seems like its getting bad gas mileage,shooting fuel into the air box, alot of crackle on decel and it seems like once you hit 5th gear it falls on its nose. it has after market v&h long shots with stock baffels, idk if anything was done to the carbs. i put a tune up on it. new plugs ext.. and ran some sea foam thru it. any ideal on why this is going on? thanks in advance. 




Does it have the stock airbox/aircleaner setup? Has it been sitting for a while? My first guess (lol) is clogged jets.
Do you have a service manual?

yea stock air box, i think it has been sitting the guy i got it off of only put 500 miles on it from when he bought it and it has 11k miles. and no service manual.

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