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01 VL1500 LC Intruder won't downshift from 2nd into Neutral or 1st

Hello everyone.  My 01 Intruder 1500 LC has developed a bizarre problem where she wont shift from 2nd into Netral or 1st when it's hot.  When it cools off it shift fine.  So far I have flushed the clutch line and replaced the fluid.  I have changed the engine oil.  I have also changed the shifter bushing.  No change what so ever.  I've read all over that this is a common problem but nobody posts their solution.  ANy info and help would be greatly appreciated!!




Did you check to see if the oil seal has migrated out and can contact the linkage? Also, the linkage pivot point can wear and cause this.

You definitely don't have a leak at the master or slave cylinder? (has a slave cylinder yes?)
Given you have changed the brake fluid, and engine oil, and assuming you don't have air in the hydraulic clutch line, then it's starting to sound like a clutch plate issue.
Q: does the clutch feel like it engages and disengages like it was from when you first bought it? ie is the clutch travel less than before?

I was just reading about the common heat issue with the hydraulic line and slave cylinder on the Suzukis. Maybe look into that area once again.

This is a different but common issue with certain Intruders, so just sharing it with you for any 'potential' future issue:

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