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02 ultra classic misfiring

I bought a 02 ultra with fuel injection last fall and since then it’s been giving me fits.
I have a misfire and it drops the front cylinder and has been getting worse every time I ride it.
I changed the coil, cleaned all the grounds, checked for intake leaks,cleaned and tested the crank position sensor.
It’s getting to the point that I am tempted to part the thing out and buy a Vespa.
Has anyone else had this problem?
The only code I can find is a code 23 and I can’t find a summary of what it is or how to fix it.



d02 - Speed sensor power output shorted high or open

Not to sure about that d02 speed sensor code.
This is one I got by counting the flashing of my check engine light.
It a 23- current 14 ET sensor voltage low.
But I can’t find any information on how to fix it.

The Engine Temperature sensor sends info to the Engine Control Module when the engine is cold to add more fuel. Kind of like a choke. It then reduces the amount as the engine warms. It's in the front cylinder head.

I found the ets, checked it and replaced it.
Bike is running great now.
Thank you

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