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05 Silverado 1100 starter issue

So my 05 vstar 1100 Silverado runs great but I have to push start it! When I turn the key on everything works except the starter (sometimes it tries but sounds like it might if the battery were dead) so far I've had the battery tested for voltage and cranking amps, it's perfectly fine. Next I've replaced the starter solenoid, didn't help! So finally I have put my voltage meter on the starter post an ground bolts and it reads OL (open line). So is it a bad starter? Or is it not grounding properly somehow? Or could it even be the kickstand switch, and can I bypass it if it is?




Download and save this.
Check the ground first.See Chapter 7, Page 13 on how to jump the starter. If the ground is good and it fails this test, its time to pull the starter. They are rebuildable.

You can jump the solenoid by using jumper cables. Using just the red or black half of the cables, jump the solenoid connection to see if the starter works. Be careful that your bike is in neutral before jumping. You can also jump from positive side of battery to starter cap nut. If the starter doesn't start to turn over engine you can pretty much say the starter is no good. Pull the starter and re-test it using jumper cables, if no good replace it or re-build it. Check your fuses in solenoid and fuse box to eliminate the simple.

The kickstand switch would prevent you from clutch starting as well. Don't bypass anything on a permanent bases, replace the items.

Hey guys just an update I did as you guys said and it was in fact the starter! Got a new one put in and she fires right up! Also rebuilding the old one because I like to have as many spare parts as possible. Thanks for the tips!

You're welcome, Elvis. It's always good to hear the results.

i could have helped

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