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05 vStarr 1100 cobra exhaust

just purchased cobra exhaust (cobrausa) and installed on by Vstar. Sounds very nice but every time when I relies acceleration im getting flames coming from my pipes and popping noise. I know i should change the jets but im not sure what kind. My bike also have Kuryakyn Pro-R Hypercharger 9463.



Your bike is now running a little lean.. You need to get larger jets and raise the needle up one notch. That is just a start.

what type of jets do you recommend ?
cobra recommend "cobra jet kit- 92-2170" but thats only if you changed exhaust, in my case i also have different intake. so do i need different jets or i can used those 92-2170?

Is your AIS still connected?
Before you start, I recommend you read this entirely.
then this.

Air Induction System - you are talking about the intake ?
thanks for your help

A better explanation, it's the Pilot Mixture Screw, not the other PMS being referred to.

i have the cobra exhaust on my 1100. DID NOT need to jet. I simply jumped up to a hotter plug and removed the AIS system....its junk anyways. there are sever ways to eliminate the AIS but the simplest is to just unhook the "pump" lines behind your side cover and plug them off. try it that way first, if it helps then worry about taking the rest of the junk off.

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