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06 Stratoliner turn signals stopped working

Hello all,

I have been having problems with the tunr signals since I bought the buke, It's old abd has over 50k on it. I used to have to move back and fourth to get the left side blinking but now both sides don't work. I can't hear anything when I move the seitch no clicking or anything. I opened the swith assembly and the contacts look good no corosion. Where is the signal relay located on an 06 Stratoliner?




I used to have an old classic car I worked on. Now I work on my motorcycle. I've come to the conclusion that motorcycles are more work.

Bulbs, flasher module, or wiring.

1.Replace bulbs. If they are LED's you may need a LED flasher module.

2. Replace Flasher module.

Scruffy don't you own on these bikes? Where are you?

Look like its located under and behind seat.

Have the bulbs been changed to LED? Check the fuse then the relay.The fuse is a 10 amp. The strats have a self canceling turn signal in the relay. I would check the ground at the oil tank. It is mounted right below the dipstick. The ground comes loose and the signals don't want to work. Check the bulbs they have three tabs on them If someone installed the wrong ones they won't work. The Yamaha bulbs are spendy. I have seen that on a few I have repaired. Guys don't want to pay the Yamaha price for bulbs.

the Location of the turn signal relay is behind the battery between the battery and the fender. You will need to remove the battery and try and get the relay out just behind and next to the ground cable. I have taken out the tool tray and battery and got the relay out it is a very tight fit and the rubber mount it is in is very tight. All the stuff is under the seat . I have two Strats so If you need more help yell out..

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