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11 Years ?

Hello one and all, my brothers and sisters who ride on rather than drive.

I have been away for a while and now back for a while, it seems that I have been with UWE and his merry men for 11 years now. I have enjoyed reading about all and sundry from all over the world, getting tips and help from you all, looking at photos that have impressed me also getting finding time to write and post myself.

I have only a small retirement pension each month so buying from the USA for my YAMAHA DRAG STAR CUSTUM is a luxe and can only do it when I have saved up enough money, again for bike bits I would start looking here.

I have just noticed I am in second place in the points race and need  a few thousand to become N° one, maybe one day as a I have 120,484 at the moment and if I keep going it might happen.

I have many friends on this site and can not mention them all, and before I do I had I maybe should check out if they are still OK.

In the past I spent hours on this site, but now with FaceBook and Twitter and getting fitter to go out to shows and rallies to get exhausted and sick again, but what can you say Man is a Dogs best friend and my Moto is my best friend.

Keep riding and enjoy yourself like I have done over the years, what a bunch of fine  people LOVE & RESPECT




Well Tony, it's good to see you back again. I'm not spending that much time on Facebook but you're not the only one who visits Facebook on a more regular base. About the points... LOL... The only way to get them is to spend some more time here! Smiley-wink You're good in making pic's as you showed a big trophy a few day's ago so why not showing us some more of your pic's or vids.... Nice for us to see and good for you to collect some points....

Enjoy Tony!

Tony....I know you are still out and about....I sometimes see you on facebook....

And yes, Coz and I are both keeping well.

Great that you an revisit. Fun can still be had here. Mostly if Als1953 is busy buying bikes. Keeps him occupied and he leaves us alone.

Cole...cough from a distance...far cough.

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