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1986 virago clutch

So i have a 1986 yamaha virago 1100 well when i bought the clutch cable was loose i did the adjustment by the engine took the plate off took the bolt off the lever turn the adjuster clockwise 2 full turns back off 1/4 turn then i tested the bike started it pulled the clutch in put it in first gear and its like the clutch isnt engaging do i need a new clutch or did i do something wrong




#1: How to adjust your clutch Author: club_c, Post Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:27 pm

To properly adjust that clutch you need to follow these instructions:

"1. Loosen the clutch cable at the clutch lever so there is significant free play.
2. Follow the clutch cable down to the left side of the engine case where the clutch cable enters the side case and remove the access cover by removing the two screws.
3. Loosen the locknut- the lock nut may be hard to break free but it will come undone with a little force.
4. Using a phillips screwdriver of the proper size, turn in the adjusting screw cockwise in until it just touches the clutch rod. You may have to practice this a few times to get the feel of where bottom is. NOTE: there is an O-ring on the screw shaft which will cause some reisistance. Be sure the screw contacts the push rod firmly but lightly.
5. Using the phillips screwdriver, rotate the adjusting screw 3/16 to 1/4 turn out counterclockwise.
6. Tighten the locknut while holding the adjusting screw in place using a phillips screwdrver to be sure the adjusting screw does not turn in.
Caution: Do not operate the clutch lever until the clutch mechanism adjustment is complete. Otherwise the steel balls that are in the housing may disengage.
7. Readjust the clutch lever free play at the handlebar so that there is 2-3 mm free play."
See Page 38.

Thank you she needed a new clutch and adjustment

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