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1996 Vulcan

I bought 1996 Vulcan in May 2019 I have only rode less than a 100 miles the bike only has 20.000 miles on it. 2 weeks ago me and gf was on our way out of town we pulled over to smoke and went to start bike and it only clicked. Trying to get some advice before Monday went I going to send it to the shop. Also does anyone know where I can buy a starter rebuilt kit if that's the problem? I can't find a rebuilt kit for the 1500 Vulcan will a another starter kit interchange with the Vulcan 1500?



Pretty weird, multiple make and model starter but no apparent rebuild kits,
List of Kawasaki models using the same starter.

Interchange:KAWASAKI VN1500 VULCAN M95 BOULEVARD VZ1600 MARAUDER 21163-1109 21163-1271 K2116-31271
18692N, 21163-1109, 21163-1271

Mitsuba KS27 appears to be the makers model number.

All that being said, make sure it's the starter Clean both ends of the battery ground cable and the starter ground. Try starting. If not that then jump the starter to bypass the starter relay. You can go from the positive battery terminal to the positive starter post.If still nothing, it's possible that cleaning the carbon build up out of the starter will fix it.

Thanks for the reply

Update everything I read said if the starter relay under the seat clicks when pressing the starter button the relay is good. In my case replacing the reply at the cost of 7.00 dollars has my bike starting right up now. I ordered another relay to keep in saddlebags just in case.

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