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1999 FLHTCUI engine light

New member here, newbie to Harley touring. I have a 99 FLHTCUI 88 twin cam. I dropped it the other day in the yard, driving to park it in the garage, forgot kickstand was down, went to turn, down it went. After I got it up it was a little hard to start, but has ran great since. Only thing is the engine light comes on intermittently. No particular pattern or sequence of the flashing , but usually it goes off after about 2500 rpms. 
I called HD dealer and they kind of weren’t anxious to talk when I said it was a 99, said it’s about $100 to diagnose. I have a bud that builds customs and does his own work on his 03 FLHTCUI, he’s old school and of the attitude, as long as it’s running good and oil level and pressure are good, just ride the hell out of it and don’t worry about it.
I feel like it’s related to dropping it, and the EFI. Anybody with any experience similar to this? The light annoys me for one, but I’d like to be sure it is ok, and get it to go away.



First, check the connections at the battery terminals, then clean your grounds. Make sure the plug wires are secure.
Start with Chapter 2, page 56 and see if you can retrieve any codes.
Next check if the regulator is good.
Yes this is the real official deal, you're welcome.
Hope it's a easy fix.

Thank you! I do not have a manual yet and but have one on the way. But this will be a huge help. Really appreciate it buddy!

I pulled the codes 35 “tachometer” and 56 “camshaft position sensor or crankshaft position sensor timing or signal error”. None of this was going on until I dropped it a couple weeks ago. I’ll either take it to the dealer to clear the codes if I can’t figure out how to do it myself, then see if it continues before I look into what to do as far as repairs. I gotta replace the cam tensioner before too long anyway, thinking of upgrading the cam while I’m at it. Maybe all of it at one time, while it’s cold weather.
Again, thanks for the link to the manual

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