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2000 suzuki intruder 1500

bike start up real rough can nit rev it up just cuts out if you can get it moving you can only go about 30 mph in 4 gear and thats just hardly givim
ng any throttle at all and when the bike is running the head light and tail light flicker and if you are moving and press the horn button the bike runs a bit better. try getting new coils but no improvement now cannot get it to start and i have no clue where else to look




Couple of questions. Has the bike sat for a while? Have you cleaned the battery terminals and the end of the ground cable?

Check the battery for water. Then check the charging system out put.13.5- 15.5 volts at 1500-2000 rpm if possible.Like edwins says clean the ground even if it looks clean looks and are are two different things.
After that you may need to check the rectifier / regulator. Then the stator for continuity and out put. If the battery is over 4-5 years old buy new.

If it has sat with fuel in it and it won't take throttle, it's a good indication of clogged jets.

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