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2001 honda shadow sabre 1100 brake caliper issues

to whom who can help me,

i have no idea whats going on  brakes and calipers are very simple.  But when i replaced my wheel bearings and put everything back together took it for a test ride all i could hear was my rotor grinding against my CALIPER BRACKET...not the brake pads. so naturally i took it back apart and put it back on 4 times and got the same results i dont understand,  nothing is broken or missing. so i pushed the pistons back put everyhting back where it goes and as soon as i put the 2 calper bolts in i can see the caliper just clinch up againt the rotor. now it was fine before i even touched the wheel bearing to replace them and also its good hopefully someone has an awnser.




Just to be sure, go to CheapCycleParts or BikeBandit and pull up the diagram and parts list for your calipers and cross check all your parts. I've lost one small piece of something I was working on and it drove me crazy. While your at it, review your bearing install .

Good to soon as I do that I will get back to you

make shure you got the spacers in correct spots, and torqued axle nut to proper torque

It's gotta be something simple. I had the same problem the first time I put Hildr the Valkyrie's front wheel back on. Someone from the Valkyrie discussion board helped me out. Don't remember specifics, but I was not the first to have the issue!

Do you have access to a shop manual? It will talk you through step by step.

Ben is close to what I was going to suggest. If you inadvertently put a washer in the wrong spot, you misalign the caliper.

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