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2002 1100 vstar

I got a problem I just got this bike and the old owner took all the handle switch off and I got new ones to put on but I can't find how to wire it up can anyone help me



Start with Chapter 9, Page 275.
Let us know if this helps or you need something else.

HI Edwin How are things your way? All good here..Nice and sunny and warm..

I can't find where to hook it to the bike is it under the tank

All's well. HOT here. Blew the torque convertor out of the Dakota. Oh, well. I'll just drive the Expedition for now.

Is it both the left and right switches or just one side. If only one side, which one?

Both sides

You will need to remove the gas tank.
Look at the pictures of the handlebar switches in the owners manual.
You can then go to the wiring diagram and see the wire colors and where they go.
In the shop manual go to page 275.
Match up the connectors.

Ok so it's under the gas tank area though

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