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2002 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Cobra Backfire

I recently bought a used 2002 yamaha vstar with cobra pipes on it. When I first got the bike it ran great and the exhaust sounded good. A few weeks ago a backfire issue came out of nowhere. Now whenever I decellerate or engine break I get a bad backfire that sounds like a bunch of gunshots. The bike runs great besides that. No loss of power or anything like that. Just the backfire. At first I thought the jets needed to be synced. I brought it into a shop and had them sync the jets. They said the jets were a little off so they synced them and that should take care of the problem. Well it was just as bad the minute I drove away. So then I talked to a buddy who had the same bike and said i needed new jets put in since the cobra exhaust is probably causing me to burn too lean. So now I brought it into a different shop that is a little spendier but I wanted it done right this time. Told them my issue and they agreed that I was probably burning lean. They called me back and told me my bike is burning perfectly. His exact words were that people spend a lot of money to get a bike to burn like mine. So it is not running lean but I am still getting a bad backfire. The guy at the second shop said that it is the cobra exhaust causing it and that I need an exhaust with a little more back pressure. What does everyone else think? Could it be the exhaust itself and if so what are some reccomendations for exhaust on a V-Star besides Cobra? 



Try tightening the exhaust head nuts. Where the manifold clamps mount to the head. If they get loose they suck air and start to back fire. Theses are only 11 ft lbs. not too tight. If that doesn't work you may have to replace the gaskets. They are cheap and easy to do.

Check to see if your AIS is still connected.

Make sure your baffles are in. Folks like to take them out for the louder pipes, but Cobra insists to leave them in.

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