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2003 Suzuki Intruder VS1400 Carburetor Issues

I put this in a blog, probably should have put it here...

I ride a 2003 Suzuki Intruder VS1400.  It has about 3600 miles on it, I bought it used and  I love almost everything about the bike.  The only problem is the carburetors, even after having them rejetted with a Cobra stage one kit, they still don't work consistantly.  I'm looking for suggestions.  Lately I've been adjusting the fuel mixture, I think they set it too rich after the new jets, it would stall out every time I released the throttle, like it was flooding.  I've adjusted the mix more lean and that seems to have solved that problem.  The current and hopefully only remaining problem now is that even after the engine is warmed up, occasionally it will bog and cough during acceleration.  If you have a thought, I'd appreciate you chiming in...



Not sure if this is any help but I'll throw it out there anyways; My '04 VL1500 Intruder started to cough and bog last year right after I had replaced the air filter, and I found that the clamps holding the outlet tube came loose and let the air in/out. As soon as I tightened up the clamps it solved the problem!

I bought a suzuki 1400 intruder yesterday and the next day one cylinder is dead. I suspect the rear carb. any sugestions to diagnose ?

Have 98 1500 intruder.. getting fire and fuel pump is working..any thoughts?could it be a safety switch?not sure driving me crazy..I'm pretty sure it's probably a simple fix I'm jus not ot finding it..please any suggestions

Bike is turning over ..jus won't start

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