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2004 honda shadow spirit 1100

I have a 1100 honda and it back fires randomly. I fairly new to owning a motorcycle and im far from a mechanic. The previous owner briefly mentioned he put new exhaust on and something about jets. Any suggestions would be great.



When you change the intake and exhaust, you change the amount of air the engine pumps in and out. You need to rejet in order to maintain the air/fuel ratio.
Can you contact the previous owner to get the make of your pipes and if they changed the intake?
If not, can you post a couple of photos of the pipes and air cleaner? Look and see if a manufacturer's name is on the pipes.

No name anywhere, how do i upload a pic on here

First, save your photo to your computer in a place you can find it, like Photos on your desktop screen.
Top left of this page page, click on Add a Photo
This opens the Create Photo page.
Click on Browse and find your photo.
Click on the photo and its location should appear next to the Browse button.
Fill in the title and descrption.
Pick a topic from the list.
Click preview
If everything looks ok, click Save

The name is sometimes on the back of the a hard to reach place. Have a look using a mirror. Mine were Jama and it was hard to find that info.

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