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2004 honda shadow spirit 1100

I have a 1100 honda and it back fires randomly. I fairly new to owning a motorcycle and im far from a mechanic. The previous owner briefly mentioned he put new exhaust on and something about jets. Any suggestions would be great.



I would make sure that the pipes are torqued to the correct specs. Take a look and see if there is any black soot around the exhaust port. You may need a gasket if so. Did the guy re jet or just tell you he needed to re jet the carbs? If it has not been done you may need to get that done. It may just be hot exhaust gas getting fresh air into the exhaust pipe and popping the excess fuel.

I agree Scruffy. Mine hasn't been jetted when the guy did the pipes. Half job Harry. Get them done. Can you contact the seller and confirm what he said about the jetting? Might save time and money.

When you say, "backfires randomly" what do you mean? Does the bike backfire while just cruising, excellerating, decelerating?

What brand pipes where put on? Some companies, like Cobra, sell re-jetting kits along with their exhaust pipes.

Did the previous owner replace the air cleaner or modify the air box? If so, that can cause backfiring on the VT1100C motor.

My wife has an '03 VT 1100C Shadow Spirit and they are really easy to work on. I believe the motors are identical between '03 and '04. I replaced the original exhaust with Cobra slip-ons and then re-jetted the carbs and re-set the pilot screws as per Cobra's instructions (I believe there were three choices of jets in the Cobra re-jet kit).

So, I re-jetted, re-set the pilot screws and then synced the carbs after replacing the exhaust and the bike runs great.

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