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2006 VTX1300r overall width?

Hi there.
I just joined this group.
I am installing two wheel chucks in my inclosed wellscargo 17' trailer.
I need to know the over all width of the bike so I place the chuck far enogh
away from the walls of the trailer.
I have looked for the spec. online and cannot find it.
The bike has the 2006 stock handle bars on it.

If some one knows this measurement, please let me know
and thank you for the help.

Tim Owen




Overall width 960 mm / 37,8 in – VTX1300S / VTX1300R
Welcome to the site from Kansas City.

Welcome Tim. From Penrith, NSW Australia.

Welcome to the forum, cousin!

I'm Randall Owen, Certified Family Black Sheep. Smiley-wink

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