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2007 V Star 650

I have a 2007 V Star 650 only 8900 miles on it. When I start it it runs fine I drove 5 miles and then it started acting like it was out of gas. Then it just shut off. Will not restart until its cooled down does anyone have any of the same problems??? I have checked the coil pack, carburator, replaced the spark plugs. And its still losing spark???? Please HELP thanks




Clean your battery ground terminals at both ends first thing
When the bike quits do the lights stay on? . If they do, check the fuel pump.
Basic science: Heat causes expansion. When a electronic/electric circuit get hot it can expand its components to the point where it opens, like throwing a switch. When it cools down, things go back to normal. It may do this until a component fails.
Download this.
Step by step guides included.
Get a Volt/ohm meter. Harbor Freight has cheap ones.
After the fuel pump, start checking the ignition system.

Happened to me recently. Bike was very jerky under acceleration and behaving as if it was suffering from fuel starvation. Turned out to be a very loose +ve battery terminal that was making intermittent contact with the battery post.

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