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2009 Voyager 1700 lowering front suspension

Gentlemen and Women,
I have 26000 mi. on this beauty. I'm now 68 and she seems to be gaining weight and growing taller. I've dropped the rear 1.5".
Any suggestions on lowering the front will be greatly appreciated.



Progressive Suspension makes a drop in spring kit for your bike.

Thanks Edwin; If I'm correct the kit goes for under $200.
I'm a bit skeptical of ideas from YouTube, "BUT".... One guy dropped his front by loosening the triple clamps holding the tubes and sliding the tubes up slightly, being certain to insure the fender has overhead clearance. Looks to me; the chrome cover above the lower leg would complicate things??

"cum grano salis" I'm not saying it couldn't work but ...... I also think the new springs would have the spring rate set to compensate for the different lenght.

Larry, Don't forget that the lower the bike is, the less that your "lean limit" will be. In other words, you'll be dragging your footboards (or other parts) sooner so you will not be able to turn as tightly. A friend of mine solved a height problem by simply changing to a different seat. Good luck with your project.

I did't want to fit a lowering kit too my front, So what I did was fit Progressive front fork springs & slide the fork tube's up 1'' through the triple trees that way I still have full travel in my front fork's but they are now 1'' lower,This ONLY works if you DON'T have fork cover's I also have 1'' lower back shocks I-m so happy

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