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2009 Vstar 950 Tourer - new member and owner

I just inherited 2009 Vstar 950 Tourer that had been sitting up for a while.  I drained all of the gas out of it and replaced with good gas.  It ran great until I opened it up on interstate.  It began cutting out at any rpm much more than idle.  Any ideas?  I was looking for a fuel filter and can only assume it is integrated into the fuel pump.  A few questions 1) is it okay to remove fuel pump or am I inviting problems.  2) how can I get to injectors to clean them.  3) I spoke with someone who said look at plugs.

Any and all words of wisdom welcomed and appreciated.  I hear good things about the bike.  I sold a 2002 V-star 1100 a few years ago.  It was carbureted.  This is my first experience with a fuel injected bike.

Also, how can I filter just on posts applicable to the Vstar 950?




Put a bottle of Techron in the gas and see if that doesn't help clean things out. ITs good for filters, carbs, injectors, and plugs. Its the quick, cheap fix if it works.

Welcome to the site from Carolina. Post some pictures of your bike on the site. And don't let the normals scare you off...

Your fuel pump is inside the gas tank.
If the Tectron doesn't help, you'll get to visit the wonderful world of injector cleaning. Get yourself a service manual . Factory preferred but any will help. Even if you don't do the work it'll help you know what's being done to your bike and avoid rip-offs. I also, have this. which isn't for your bike but gives a good idea of how FI works.
Just type V star 950 in the box in the top right corner and click the button next to it.

sorry to resurrect an old thread, but i just last night experienced identical symptoms with a 2012 950 vstar that had been sitting for a few years. @Majorreen, what ended up solving the problems on yours?

unfortunately, all the local service techs are booked out 3-4 weeks so i'm thinking i'll try to get it running myself.

How is the fuel pump accessed on a Yamaha 950 V Star. I'm interested in replacing the fuel strainer and fuel pump. Its a 2012 machine that had <700 mi on it. I've only put approx 400 mi on it but it stopped on me. It appears to be a fuel issue. It was 105 degrees when it acted as though it was out of gas so it may be vapor locked. It would restart in < than 1 minute and then stop again after approximately 1 mi. The reserve light did not illuminate so it doesn't appear to be out of gas but obviously I'll refill it as so as it drops below 100 degrees. I've noticed that the fuel pump makes a bit more noise as the fuel level decreases. Acceleration was not affected. It just goes for a mile and stalls. If someone could tell me if the tank must come off and whether I could access fuel strainer without removing tank. Thanks

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