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2010 Bike Trip

2010 bike trip

Took off from home on a beautiful sunny hot day and headed for Lethbridge, Alberta for the night and to meet up with fellow CC members,


Topgunner & Randolpho


Randolpho and Topgunner Mmmmmmmm!!and enjoyed a fabulous BBQ supper prepared by our hosts Randy & Linda!  Randy did a wonderful job on the BBQ under the close supervision of Rob!!






We had such a wonderful time visiting with you guys and can't wait to do it again sometime soon!

Group shot!




Here, we have Randolpho (Randy), his wife Linda, Topgunner (Rob), his wife Beth, FreeBear (Barry) and PioneerGirl (Stacey).

You guys are great!!







The next day we continued on to Lolo, Montana where the manager at the Days Inn motel could see we had a long hard day of riding and was quick to refresh us with a couple of cold ones!!  What a guy!  Also offered us buckets and wash rags to clean our rides and let us park under the carport/entrance!  And, offered to drive us where ever we would like to go for supper and pick us up so we were free to have a few drinks and not worry about riding back to the motel!!  I don't think I have ever had that kind of service from a motel ever before!!  He is going to get a 5 star rating from us!

We then continued on US Route 12 West along the Wild & Scenic River Corridor, what an awesome road!!  We were told that road was called a biker's paradise and it definitely is!

We arrived in Clarkston August 2nd and stayed put for a few days.  We prearranged to meet with some friends that were camping there from Vancouver area.

August 5th, Scruffy (Wayne), from Pasco, WA, rode 3 hours to meet up with us in Clarkston and then joined us on the road!  This was so awesome and we enjoyed every minute of it!!

Riding with Scruffy!!




Here we have FreeBear (Barry), PioneerGirl (Stacey) and Scruffy (Wayne).

We rode together South along the US Route 95 to New Meadows, Idaho and then scooted East on State Route 55 to McCall.  We ended the day over some good burgers and beer!

Early the next morning, Scruffy headed back towards Spokane, WA.  He would have liked to continue riding with us but his back tire was pretty wore out, lol!!  He posted pics of it later and I have no idea how he made it as far as he did!



Scruffy and his Stratoliner





Here is a pic of Scruffy and his Stratoliner.  Thanks Wayne for taking the time to ride with us and thanks for all the helpful hot weather riding tips!!  We put them to good use that is for sure, lol!!

Can't wait to share the road with you again real soon!






Then it was on to Hell's Canyon on August 6th.  To get there you head West at the juction of US Route 95 and State Route 71 to Oxbow Dam.  Then you take the Hell's Canyon Scenic Byway.  It is a dead end road about 25 miles or so.  All we can say about Hell's Canyon is - WOW, WOW and WOW again!!  This was so fantastic!  The bare, rugged beauty was so spectacular that it kept us transfixed the entire time we spent there.  Super hot that day, about 105, but that sure didn't slow us down any, lol!!  We practically had the road to ourselves!  We got to spend lots of time at the interpretive centre that is located at the end of the road because (I won't mention any names) but someone killed the battery in our camera on the way up, lol!!!  So the kind girls that were working in the interpretive centre allowed us to plug in our charger for an hour or so!!  Someone sure was lucky we were able to do that, lol!!  Spent the entire time waiting sitting in the shade, drinking in the sheer beauty of it.

Hell's Canyon, ID

August 7th we travelled along the Ponderosa Pine Byway on State Route 21 and then on to the Sawtooth Scenic Byway on SR 75.  These byways were extremely scenic and beautiful, so glad we chose these routes! 

August 8th we visited the Craters of the Moon National Park.  What a fascinating place, a must see!  There are fields of lava as far as the eye can see!

Craters of The Moon, ID

     And caves that were a welcomed cool relief     Craters of The Moon, ID

     from the heat above!






August 9th we entered Yellowstone National Park!  Didn't spot Yogi or BooBoo but saw lots of Buffalo!!  And of course took in Old Faithful...........Old Faithfull!!

August 10th we went back in to Yellowstone from Cody, Wyoming on the East Entrance side and headed to the NorthEast Gate where we rode the Bear Tooth Pass.  This too was super amazing!!!  Extremely high up, over 10,000 feet!!  Lots of switchbacks on the way up and on the way down, lol!!  Great fun on 2 wheels!!

Bear Tooth Pass, MT & WY

We then headed on to Columbus, Montana where we held up for 2 days for some much needed rest!!  And of course to wash the bikes, lol!!  And then from there we made our way home.  This was the best 2 weeks of our lives and we sure could have turned around and done another 2 weeks!!  The bikes ran flawlessly with no problems, the roads were fantastic, smooth and twisty, we didn't want the vacation to end.  But unfortunately that nasty word............WORK, beckoned us home!!  Oh well, now we will sit down and plan our next year's trip!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cruiser Customizing for having such an amazing site.  If not for you, we would never have met Randy, Linda, Rob, Beth and Wayne.  We hope with every bike trip we take, we get the chance to meet other members of this great community.

Hope we didn't bore you to death, lol!!

The End!


PG,  excellent write up.  I am very envious.  Wish I could do a ride like that.  Glad you enjoyed it and pleased to be able to read about it.

Great trip PG!  Love the pics!  Good thing you got to plug in that camera or SOMEBODY would never have lived it down! LOL!  Sorry it was so hot for ya!  I am leaving next week for Yosemite and further north and while last week it was in the 100s, this next week it is supposed to be wonderful!  I guess I got lucky! Smiley-laughing  Good to have ya'll back home again and posting!

Ride safe


I'm glad that you had a great time that the way it sould be lol..Also glad that your trip went well....

Fabulous....Fabulous...Fabulous, bore us....never. Sounds like an awesome trip you all had. It's nice to meet up with other CC members. The pictures are wonderful. Than for sharing with us.

Great write up !!!

I read every word to the end,,,, Wish I was on the trip with you,,,,, Thanks for walking us through a portion of what sounds like a royal BLAST

Awsome trip and great read. Love the pics to. You just can't beat bikes and buds.

Lucky lucky people

not boreing at all. in fact im a bit jealous. sounds like a trip of a life time. good for you all.

Wow sounds like you guys had a blast, wish I could have been there. You guys have to head out east.

WOW what an awesome trip and a very well planned route!!  Boring??? . . are you kidding!  Not in the least!

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