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2010 v star 950 shifter

First of all thank you for any and all help with the following question. Keep in mind my wife is 4'11".
My wife and I are looking at a v star 950 for her but the only thing that does not fit her well is the reach of the gear shifter. It is about 2 inches further than we would like for her to comfortably manuver. That being said my first thought is that it would be an easy fix because surely there would be tons of aftermarket parts available. But, I was wrong. I have searched top to bottom and I cant find anything other than peg covers. So my question is does anyone know if the stock shifter from a v star 650 will work on the 950? Or of a better fix than popping the weld and hacking off 2 inches and rewelding it back on. Adjusting the seat will not work because moving her more forward cause her to hit her knee on the air filter cover.
I am trying to avoid a custom fabrication job because she wants to get back on the road ASAP.
Please any help is appriciated.




I would try and find a shifter off a 250 to 400 anything. The shaft shaft OD 's are much the same. Then you would just have to unbolt and bolt on. Take a tape with you at any bike shop and see which one will fit her best.

Thank you for the reply Scruffy. She actually owns a v star 250 right now that she is upgrading from. I will take a closer look to make sure the foot shifter is interchangeable. I figured it would but I just wanted to be sure before i spent the money on the part.

Just swap it out and see if it works for her. That way you will know for sure.

Just buy her some extra large boots.

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