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2012 Honda rebel 250

Hi there! Just got a 2012 Honda rebel 250. I’m a newbie!
Thought this would be a good way of learning about how to take care of my bike.



Regular oil vs synthetic!!
Any suggestions out there?!

You will open up a can of worms with that question!...All I can say is just use the manufacturer specified oil, which will be non friction modified and change regularly no matter whether mineral or synthetic and you will be right.
Btw welcome to the site from Canberra, Australia.

Howdy from Texas! Those Honda Rebels are fairly bullet proof. Just follow the owner's manuel for maintenance and you'll have plenty of miles and smiles!

Hi Eva - welcome from Ontario Canada !

if you want to pay for synthetic go ahead but, the oil filter is still only good for 5-6000km. so you may as well do regular oil, keep the cost down. besides what oil did bike use before synthetic was invented

Welcome from Edgewater Maryland.

I have been a fan of synthetic. especially if your going to run hard hot Mi/Km's on it. If all you are going to do is easy around town, regular oil should be fine. Still keep up with oil changes.

Enjoy your Rebel. It has the dependability that would put a Timex watch to shame.

Welcome from Washington State. Use what you like as long as it is for air cooled engines.

Welcome from western Canada, Eva. Regular maintenance, check your tire pressure, read your owner’s manual... and take a riding course (if you haven’t already done that). Ride safely, and don’t trust ANYONE else on the road with your life.

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