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2012 Sturgis....

We have been waiting 2 years for this August to get here. SO excited. We have to trailer so we have a place to sleep and maybe extra stops on the way home to do a little more scenic riding.... We both ride our own 1100 Shadow. (ha ha, he blew it and taught me to ride)
We are staying an hour from Sturgis so we get extra ride time, and can't wait to see the countryside.

Any serious words of wisdom for this once-in-a-lifetime trip??

appreciate any input,



If this is your first trip to SD. a must see is Mount Rushmore at night. Crazy Horse Monument is awsome as well as riding the Bad Lands east of Rapid City. The Needles HWY ride is well worth the time also. Spearfish canyon road is another fun ride. Be prepared for weather it seems that it's hot and humid or stormy. Some of the small towns around Rapid offer great little shops and good places to eat. Have fun !!!!!!!!

Going to Sturgis is on my Bucket List! One of these days I WILL make it there. Have a great time and be safe. Look forward to seeing some great pictures!

Let me know when you are going Ron

Seriously Rick??? That would be so awesome if you could join me!

All depends when my friend. But if you tell me you are going I would try hard to make the trip.

I have never been to Sturgis during "Sturgis". I have been to Deadwood and Spearfish and gassed up in Sturgis one summer but I was the only bike around then...THAT was strange! If you go, any road around Deadwood takes you someplace worth riding through. The black jack at the Midnight Star isn't bad either.

Thanks Irish. I can't wait to make that trip. And Rick, you'll be the second to know when that will be.

I need to win the lottery to make this trip I think. For some reason, all the prices go up by 40% during this time. Go figure

Amen, Skeeter. Funny how that happens.

Yeah, kinda figured that Rick. Maybe I'll just fly up your way one of these days. Smiley-laughing

Just for fun I checked out renting a Harley in Denver and then riding to Sturgis. The rental of an Ultra Glide is $132/day but since its during Sturgis, there is a min of 6 day rental and a $45/day surcharge.

Ah, I don't think so!!!!!

I think that is a better idea RonSmiley

Smiley-laughing Then we'll have to make that happen sometime My Brother. And I hope that smiley is drinking a beer, and I don't mean a Root Beer! Biggrin

Years ago with all of the rowdiness that went on the town people almost canceled it. The thing that saved it was 1) they got the bikers to police themselves and 2) you guessed it, MONEY. A fair amount of the people make almost 2/3rds to all of their year's income during this week. That is why you pay so much. I being a native South Dakotan for 25 yrs, have never been there. Will ride through on the 2nd to last day this summer, just to say I was there. Ride through is the phrase. Will come back some other time when less crowded and enjoy the side roads of the Badlands and the Black Hills.

I would like to go but I'm too old for

LOL oh i dont know about that Rick Smiley-laughing If Gunner is flying up to see you, I'll ride down too and we can all have a party! Maybe we can get Tony, Steve and Phil to come along too

I do plan on getting out there sometime in the next couple of years, Joe is also interested, you can ride hard for nineteen hours straight and get there from my place,,or break it up a little....

Ride? Hard?

Kat...where is your mind??? lol

Oh...and btw...I talked to Rick tonight, and when I do fly up there...we'll be riding your way. He said the riding is better where you are!

Go figure eh??? lol

Did I say that? I did didn't I?

Looks like Kats interested in this one,,nineteen hours is a bit of a push though, what do you think brat? lol

That just means I have to cook you all dinner and feed you copious amounts of booze...
Tony nineteen hours huh Smiley-laughing might need a bit of a snooze in there... lolol

LOL, Kat, its all about you eh?? lmao =)

Just wait til I catch up with you mister Smiley-laughing ...and they call me the brat.

Looking forward to that home cooked meal Kat! Smiley-laughing Rick made it hear safely, and we'll be heading to the Tail tomorrow. Take care, and be safe out there!

I will be making my second run to Sturgis this year! Leaving Tennessee August 4th, and returning on the 14th. I don't know where we will be staying yet, but it will be a campground in or around Sturgis!

If you can, ride from the south, from Hot Springs (hwy 385). By the time you get up north around Deadwood and Sturgis you will think you are in bike heaven. Great ride, any where you go you will enjoy it. this will be the third year I have gone up there. Always in the non Sturgis time, June the weather is nice not to hot. Have a great time

Is there an age that you get too old for Sturgis?
Just sayin!
I thought that I might be too old for it.

In your mind there is never too old of an age, the body on the other hand will start to tell the brain to go to hell.

So... Who from the CC Community will be going? It would be cool to be able to meet up there for a ride, or a beer!

I'll be riding through on August 12th after having visited my family in Gregory, SD.

I'm riding from Calgary, arriving on Sunday, Aug 5th. Staying at the Buffalo Chip for 3 nights, then off to see some more roads we've never been on before. Look for the black and blue VTX 1800 with Alberta plates! (I'm riding with three other guys - they'll all be on Harley's)

I just spent a couple of day's in sturgis and that was kind of nice didn't have the big mob during rally actully got to see all the sites and sit at a bar and get somthing to eat and drink. I think getting there a few day's before and then staying a few into the rally is the way to go.

Of course, just like gas prices go up during the summer when everyone takes vacations.

Me and some friends are planning for 2015.....our exchange rate only allow for years of planning (saving)...
lmao....or maybe the lotto can do the trick....thouhg thats a thing i don't do ( to much corruption) is the only thing to earn some bucks in a "legal" way....hahaha

All I can say is... THE ROAD TRIP WAS AWESOME!! Rode with some great people, drank WAY too much, had had an absolute BLAST! 3466 miles of great fun! I'm thinking next year's big rally ride might be to Laconia New Hampshire in June!

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