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2014 V-Star 950 Tourer pros amd cons

I bought a brand new leftover 2014 V-Star 950 Tourer in January 2018. Had 5 miles on it. I absolutely LOVE this bike. A few things I've noticed over the 1500 miles I've put on it from then until today (July 8, 2018). I took the windshield off for the warmer temps to let more airflow. Very easy to do. Seat isn't so co.fy after about 30-45 minutes of continuous riding. Driver nor passenger. Shifting is great with heal shifter but if you wear boots, your foot doesn't fit under the toe shifter. The headlight at night....low beam is wide but not very deep. High beam doesn't light right in front of the bike but has depth and width. It would be so much nicer if the low beam stayed on with the high beam. Saddle bags arr large and very convenient. Holds my riding jacket when I park. When the sun is at "high noon", it literally blinds you shining up from the chrome on the gas tank. Makes it very hard to seethe speedometer too. But I think my biggest complaint about this bike is that you cannot take a corner with much speed as the floorboards often scrape the road, and sometimes the floorboard mounts (the part attached to the frame) scrapes. That's wicked scary!! The bike has big tires but the low-setting floorboards don't allow you to lean into the turns. I get about 45-48 MPG with 87 octane gas with 10% ethanol. I was told by my dealer to run 93 octane but I see no difference in either one in mileage or performance. (Thoughts?) All in all, fantastic bike thats hopefully going to last me 8-10 years or more.





Ricky I have the 1300 and yes the floor board don't let you lean much at all which is a shame, but overall great bike can't go wrong with the Vstar. Enjoy and welcome to the site from downunder.

Thanks Raymond52

Welcome from Ontario Canada ... I have an 05 1100 classic which I picked up last year - same thing ...I just put a set of new Commander II's on and can't corner a low as I would like to...other than that (and the vibration at higher rev's (I probably need a carb sinc) - solved by putting on ergo grips and a throttle boss) - I love the v-stars !
You could go with an LED light if you don't already have one - I don't so I added a lightbar which gives me a lot more visibility at night - and I like the look...I was clumsy with the heal toe shifter at first, but after a few days of riding I now love it and wouldn't want to go back to the up down shifting (just my own preference) - no more scuffed toes -post a pic!

Thanks Gordo. I was looking into the whole LED Headlight thing. Not sure if I should get just the LED Bulb to replace the original halogen, or splurge on the whole new LED Headlamp assembly. Doesn't that require a load control at the battery either way? I know swapping out the signal lights changes the load so I'd need a load cell for those for sure. Either way, I'd definitely like to add the passing lights for more visibility at daytime and night vision.
Anyone have passenger floorboards? My wife really doesn't like the stock foot pegs. Wonder how much of a hassle it is to replace the stock pegs with floorboards. Ride safe!

Hi Rick ...I just noticed on the map that you are not too too far from me....I'm in between Mississauga and Hamilton (in Oakville) on the other side of the pond...anyway there are a lot of aftermarket parts - Fortnine out of Montreal has rear Cobra floorboards ($500 - for my 1100 - way too expensive!) I'm sure there are a lot of places in the US who sell them cheaper (JP Cycle? or Ebay)...As far a LED's go, you should probably do your homework...there have been some really good recent blogs on this site about flashing or strobe-ing when installing these ...Put out a blog with the heading 'Help with LED's ...there are a lot pro's here who are always willing to help
Question: Are you doing the Friday 13th ride to Port Dover this Friday?

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