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2015 Indian scout

The all new Indian scout as it is looks and sounds good but I don't like the exhaust system on it, is it bad for me to like loud pipes. I am looking to get maybe a Indian scout, harley or victory jackpot, I am finding it hard to pick. I think I need to do more research on all three so any help would be appreciated.



Mate you can get the pipes done before you pick it up.go for a ride on all of them. A mate of mine is he dealer principal at Peter Stevens now and Mike at Adelaide motorcycles would be happy for you to take the scout or jackpot for a test ride. The only way to know is go for a ride. Remeber the scout doesn't have a passenger seat as standard so that will be extra. They do have some power compared to the Harley. I think the jackpot is a great bike but not much fn for a pillion so you need to get Kerry to go with you

Thanks beachy
I like the Indian the most
It will be good when kerri gets her ride
And we can cruise together

I would love to test ride a Indian but every time I ask they look at me side ways so I just look elsewhere
But same story
I'm getting a bit jack about the way I am treated
Maybe they don't want my money

I don't know about Australia but this works here. and For me, it's 20 minutes to the Harley Factory and a 6 to 7 hour trip to the Indian Factory.

Try all three and ride them all , not just around the block take them for a good ride . Then pic the one you love the most ! simple !!!!!! LOL .

Max, Ask for Mike and tell him you are interested and want a test ride. They had a few issues earlier getting a demo bike but I thought that was sorted now.

The Scout and Jackpot are very different bikes, what kind of Harley are you thinking of? I sat on a Scout and it felt too small for me at 6' 220lbs. I ride a Vegas which is very close to the Jackpot. Picking out a bike is wonderful torture Smiley-laughing I wouldn't sweat the exhaust, anything stock is going to be too quiet if you like loud exhaust and every bike has a bunch of great options for sound after the purchase. Keep us posted as you narrow down what your ride will be!

My dad and i went into the local Indian/Victory/Ducati dealership last was looking to buy a scout....but everyone was to busy drinking coffee to even ask if we needed we just walked out. I do like the scout....and now i have a indian is the next bike on the list !!

I really don't know anything about the Victory, but between the other two, I think I'd have to take the Scout. The new Indians are NICE!

Thanks guys
I think I might test ride and see were we go from there

I do like the Vegas as well
And a harley night rod would be nice too

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