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2016 CCC Rally Broken Hill

Greetings All,Firstly, I want to let you all know that I have recruited the help of AussieSteve and Spratty to help organise this rally. This way we get a bit of involvement from a few states.

On the weekend Annie and I went to Broken Hill to check out the accomodation options for the 2016 rally. It was a hard call because the accomodation there was at both ends of the scale with no middle ground. Prices were all over the shop and what should have been reasonable priced accomodation turned out to be grossly overpriced and vica versa.

Even so we managed to find a jewel amongst the slag heap at the Gateway Motor Inn. I am pretty sure you will be impressed with the quality of the accomodation and equally that you are getting value for money here. Our hosts are Trevor and Sandra and are a lovely couple. We have tentatively booked the whole motel for the weekend of the 11th to the 13th March 2016. When you ring or email to make your booking please advise them that you are part of the CCC or Cruiser Customizing Rally and you will get a booking, while they are available. If you dont mention this then you may be told there are no rooms available that week end.

They have a few rooms that are twin (2) and triple(2) share so if you are a solo traveller and happy to share the cost then contact the others first, then make the booking. All other rooms are queen rooms. I would recommend making a tentative booking now to secure a room.

Contact details are:
Trevor and Sandra Chaproniere
201 Galena St
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph 08 80887013
E-mail: [email protected]

In the event that the motel books out, we have looked at two options for any overflow. I would recommend making a tentative booking to secure a room.

Overflow Option 1 is the Outback Holiday Villas. These are self contained cottages and about 150 m from the Motel. They are very well maintained and reasonably priced as well. They have 1 to 3 bedroom cottages. This is the option I would recommend as Jill was very helpful and eager to meet our needs and costs. Once again if it gets to the stage that we need this option you will need to mention the CCC rally.
Address: 2-4 Tramway Terrace, Broken Hill, NSW, 2880
Phone: 08-8088-7528
Email: [email protected]
 Overflow Option 2 is probably what you want. This is where we stayed for our recce, the Broken Hill Tourist Park. The cabins are average and they wouldnt do a package deal or discount for groups, despite the website telling you they do. We spoke to them prior to booking this weekend and they said the would work out a package deal for us however, when we arrived they said no discounts and no special rates. Considering we paid $110 a night for a pathetic little cabin, I wished we had looked around first. Even so it is cheaper than others and better than most of the motels. The park is about 500 m from the Motel. there is no need to mention the rally here because they wont discount anyway.

I have got your email addresses from Aussie Steve's Katoomba mailing list, so if you think I have missed some one let me know and I will add them to the mailing list. Also let me know if you dont want to be kept up to date with the developments on the rally.

All that is left to do now is make your booking and get ready for the ride

Ride safe all

Beachy and Annie




Thanks mate

I'm booked in for a twin room, well I just sent an email for a tentative booking, at this stage Rosanne is unsure whether she'll attend or not, either way if she decides not to, I'm happy to share.

Beachy the motel looks great, I've never been to Broken Hill before and I will be looking forward to it, will be a great Rally.

It sure is mate, I think this is one of the best in the Hill. Do you want me to Contact Deebs for you in case Rosanne doesnt come?

We have a few things to sort out yet tho but nothing too hard.

Ah I have a plan B thanks anyway. Smiley-wink

I´ll be there beachy...

As soon as I or Gert wins the lottery..

Do you believe we need to book the room already?

Coz and I are booked. A detour on the way home from Tasmania.

We are booked as well!

Marek, i will have the camper there so you and Gert can share. Lol

Marek you and Gert can share with Trailor!...... no one else will Smiley-wink

And NOT in my trailer!

I am in like Flynn

Flynn is coming too?

Yeah mate, on a ratted out xv650. Or.. was that you coming on your xv650?

We sold one and the other probably won't be coming. Annie will be on the 1100 again and I'll be on the 109unless I finish the xv750 or xs650 before then

Bah xv, xs, same thing really. Which one did you sell?

We had a white classic that we moved on.

Hey everyone. Motel is now fully booked so you will need to contact the villas now. Please send me a message if you didnt get in the motel and if there are any cancellations ill let you know

That's a great response Beachy, are you putting up a page like the Katoomba one where members can add themselves as attendees.

It is already up Spratty, under the events tab, on page 4

Ok right onto it...thanks mate

phew - I got the last room Smiley-laughing

Great stuff!
The overflow accommodation is pretty close, Book now!

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this forum and have not posted before. Good to see a few Aussies here.
Whats the deal with this rally you are holding? Not likely that I will want to ride my Fury to Broken hill, but you never know.

"...Good to see a FEW Aussies here...."

LOL mate...

A FEW???? ... Look around... Watch the photo and video sections....


We're every where....

Hey Dogman, welcome aboard!
We may have another fury rider come from SA to Broken Hill.
Every year us Aussie CC'ers have a annual get together and pi$$ up. Last year it was Katooma NSW and next year it is Broken Hill. We always have a great time.
You will be most welcome to join us.

Yes a big welcome dogman and feel free to join as on rally's and chats

I hope to get there if I'm not working that weekend....ill probably just swag it !!

Hey guys, thanks for the big welcome. I'm from Ipswich in Qld so Broken hill is a long way off for me. I reckon it would take me a week to get there. But hey, if something happens a bit closer to home I would be keen. I have only been riding road bikes for a couple years, though have been riding dirt bikes for around 40 years.
One thing for sure, as was mentioned in another thread I read here yesterday, if I stop my Fury at a pie shop or whatever, I always get fellow bikers and even non biker peoples come over for a yarn and a look. Just Saturday I was munching on a pie at Esk and had a couple people ask if I minded them taking a pic of my bike. Its only my second cruiser. The first was a Shadow 750. Didn't take long to work out I needed more horse power,
My Fury has Velocitor air intake, Cobra street slashdowns, Cobra FI2000 fuel controller, plus some Kuryarken grips/mirrors etc. I just built a sissy bar for it so the girls don't feel like they are going to flip off the back when I crack the throttle.
Anyway, just a little about me and my pride and joy, and thanks again.

Broken Hill is a bit of a hike for all of us mate.
Its not the destination but the journey.......actually it is both in this instance......and catching up with mates, new and old. Smiley-laughing

The plan is to call in to the Hill on our way home to Emu Plains from Tassie.

Dogman, we have members from all over Australia coming to the rallies. As Steve said its about the journey but also about catching up with a bunch of great mates as well.


Well we are in. Booked just have to book holidays now. Nola is riding too. We will take 2 weeks and make a leisure trip of it. When I told her it was 3200K each way she didnt look too shocked. I told her after the first day she would be in the groove. Looking forward to the trip across the paddock

Good to see Lucky.
Steve...are you still pissed? Katoomba. lol No wonder some couldn't find it.

Great news Dennis, and I'll bet you'll be looking forward to it like the rest of us, 2 weeks will make a nice relaxing ride.

He'll never keep up with Nola.

Probably not. I may use a tow rope

Snatch strap?

Whoa Al!
Great to hear both of you will make it Dennis!

Lol Al

Very quiet on here and the time is getting nearer. Nola has her holidays booked and hope mine come through. we may have a change of employer around that time so hope it works out in my favor. The company i am working for contract expires soon and new tenders are in hoping to get picked up if the the contract changes and be able to swing the time off fingers crossed. How many going?

Last count motel was booked out. Need to check and are planning another recce

Hey Adrian, let me know when you are going and if I can swing it I will come along.

Will do mate. It is likely to be a weekend before Christmas

Ok. Coz and I will be heading to Broken Hill after the Tassie Ulysses AGM. Haven't put a plan together yet.
I just got to wondering...about our (the CCC crew) wandering.
Has anyone made plans for the trip there and back?
Is anyone looking to maybe partner up for the ride?
Are any going somewhere else either on the way there or on the way home?
Is anyone going by car ? Are there any who may want to share that mode of travel/costs?
Anyone got any travel info to share? (Road conditions etc if you've been out there recently )
Activities/rides planned or suggestions for trhe weekend?
Sorry Adrian/Steve if I've stolen any of your communications but I was just at a loss for something to do for 10 minutes and this popped up.

Well Said Al. I am planning on going around the coast from Sydney to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Rd to Portland then up through Horsham and Mildura to Broken Hill, either on my way to or from Broken hill if anyone is interested. If i leave BH on the Monday i intent to be back in Sydney on the Saturday. Like wise to leave Sydney on the Sunday to be in BH for the Friday Arvo. Just saying if anyone is interested in joining me.

Gazza you I know I'm keen, but I prefer the after ride rather than before. But my employment status maybe different at that time so I'm still uncertain about whether I'll be able to attend. I will be making every effort to make it happen I'll just have to wait and see.

That sounds like a fantastic trip Gazza. At this stage I have just planned for the direct route option via Stuart Hwy to get there and possibly via Barrier Hwy on the way back.

Dub and Gazza, if you haven't booked yet better give them a call now. There is one vacancy that I know of at the moment. There may be another but I need to confirm with the motel.
Al, Annie and I have a few things planned already and are going to do one more recce before Christmas at this stage. Will give more details later.
Spratty, Fingers crossed for you mate.


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