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2017 Ride

Hey everyone. Wayne and I have been talking and next June 23 we are going to meet in a little town called Dubois WY. That is about 80 mi from the south enterance of Yellowstone. We thought it would be cool if we could turn this into a CC ride spending a couple days around Yellowstone.
I personaly am going to the Black Hills before meeting him there and will be heading home the 26th but it would be fantastic to have a meetup with other CCrs



I'm IN, Will be getting a room friday

Allen and Julie also said they are in. That's 4 of us so far... Smiley-laughing Going to be fun.
here's my route. Going to be a nice ride,+TX,+USA/Hot+Springs,+SD/Dubois...@36.5765375,-113.4967399,5z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m37!4m36!1m5!1m1!1s0x865cf2a8a8535105:0x2b58fc681d3892b5!2m2!1d-98.3161241!2d29.5180081!1m10!1m1!1s0x877ccd9551fca11d:0xbd331b9df5cddc0b!2m2!1d-103.4743625!2d43.431646!3m4!1m2!1d-104.7176615!2d44.2804326!3s0x53333edb03c91ff9:0xd75ebf320f284ff8!1m5!1m1!1s0x534d5e824c80832b:0x3454e61a8b25ffee!2m2!1d-109.6304335!2d43.533565!1m5!1m1!1s0x53523d239fa7052b:0x629f5e038b83d97b!2m2!1d-110.666828!2d44.1357703!1m5!1m1!1s0x865cf2a8a8535105:0x2b58fc681d3892b5!2m2!1d-98.3161241!2d29.5180081!3e0

You are really making the best of a ride just over 3,000 miles. I thought the 2000 I would be doing was good.

I only have so much time and $$$ so I have to fit as much into that time as I can.

Plus living in basically the center of Texas it is 400 mi or more just to get out of the state!!

WOW !!! You have a ride. It only takes me 30 min to get out of here.

I'm officially jealous. Since I have to go northwest on this trip I have to go through the pan handle. So it's 600 mi from home to get out of Texas

This sounds like a very interesting ride. About 670 miles from where I am at so about the same as Sturgis. I'll have to work on a few Canadian buddies and we shall see... Keep me posted please.

That would be awesome if ya'll could come down.

Already working on it Val.

I posted my route, but I made a change in that I am going up to Devil's tower on my way out of South Dakota. It dosent add too many miles. I will still get into Dubois Friday

Wow nice trip I would love to join you it is just 805 miles from my house to yellow stone have to see what kind of cash I can get together by them.

Hope you can make it Tony. I would be nice to have someone other than myself on a Sporty Smiley-laughing

so this is only a Sporty CC get together LOL, I'll be there one way or another. Roughly a 1000 miles.
- Wayne, which way you coming in? Maybe we could meet in Ontairo, ride onto Twin Falls, ID where I will stay the night, then next day into Dubois.
You also need to PM those Canadians to start planning.

Well there will be 2 of us Randy so I won't have the only small bike in the bunch Smiley-laughing
Oh this is going to be good!!!! Smiley-laughing

there are times when smaller is better.

LOL Yes like a small order of fries is better for you but the large one is sooooo good Smiley-laughing

Randy I'll just meet you at your house . I'll just start the ride one day early. I'll give the boys up North a shout. It is a two day ride just to get here. I'll set them know.

Need to discuss this. MD is a far piece from WY.

I think it would be a blast !! Oh by the way, I turn 65 June 23. By then I have earned the title of Old Fart.

I just ran the map. 4,474 Miles. Oh baby !!

LOL I hit 65 April 2 so I will be ahead of you. LOL
4474 that's quite a ride. but your a young buck. LOL

Come on over it's only about 40 hr ride and about 2200 miles. We will just have a little Birthday party for you. It 's a good three day ride from my place and down to Randy's and over. It should be lots of fun meeting up with some folks from CC.

As long as the Aleve people don't go out of business. Could be doable.
Betsy and I have talked about Blue Ridge Parkway ride. Goes down though VA into NC during the same time. Maybe some east coast CCCers could catch up with us.

I'll send you some Ben Gay Smiley-laughing

I'll check with the boss in the AM. Maybe fly to Portland and rent something.

Just don't rent one of those little pink scooters or we will all laugh at you Smiley-laughing

They still make Ben Gay !

Yes and I should have stock in the company for the amount that I use

Have you ever seen the Hitler goes to Sturgis You Tube? He finds out his aide rented Hondas instead of Harleys and goes ballistic. You can ask Betsy what I thought of pink Jeeps in Sedona AZ.

No I have to look that up

Just watched it Capt. That's funny

Told you !!

Capt if you do make it out this way don't rent I have two Stratoliners come and get one. Save some $$$. I'm with you on PINK . I'm only 4 hrs from the Portland airport.

Sounds good. I'll look into this. Thanks.

Wow Wayne, That's super good of you!!!

Will chat later. Its 1130 PM over here.

Just give me a post if all the stars get aligned and I'll get it all prepped for a long run It won't take much.

Capt, another possibility for you, in Boise, ID. Wayne and I will be riding through there.

That's right your almost an Old Fart. I'm past that now.

So what do they call one that is past "old fart". Is it dinosaur? I think you're still in the old fart age zone. In the health industry your extreme, advanced, ancient old when above 75.

I don't think I'll make it to that. I'm to clumsy.

Just waite.When I get over 75 then I'll be a cranky old fart. That's worse then only being Grumpy.

Just don't bite your nurse. I had to get a couple of shots cause. Of a cranky old man that took a piece of meat out of my arm last week

Why was he cranky Valerie, probably because someone said he couldn't ride his bike anymore.

May haps so. Smiley-laughing

Good lord !!! Next time hide his teeth.

He has his own and they frown on is pulling them. I sure would like to though

when we are having a break during the Dubois rides and you r down with the cig, I'll show you how to put him in arm bar lock next time he tries to bite, or maybe a sleeper hold. Just a few things I'm learning in my Krav Maga lessons.

Just carry a BIG stick. Just give him a couple whacks as they did in the good old days.

Thanks Randy. LOL
I appreciate the advise from both of you, but I don't want to go to gail at my age. LOL


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