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2019 US CC ride

I know many people are thinking about where to ride next year. Edwin has suggested the Ashville NC area. I believe Alex and his lady are also looking in that area. I personally think it is a beautiful area also. What do the rest of you think? And again how bout mid or late June?



That sounds good to me I haven't been there before. And June works for us

That would work for me. We aren't' leaving for Australia until November.

Your going to Australia ..

Cool. You know that you can't make that trip without taking your personal nurse with you just in case you get sick Smiley-laughing

I'll see If I can get you as my nurse assistant Just to keep me breathing. I can get a doctors note I Think that will work.. I'll get a prescription for a one time use OK.. You know like a seeing eye dog...

You guys will have sooooo much fun there!
As I remember it, Wayne's personal nurse needed her own personal nurse. Smiley-laughing


Just joshing...

i know Smiley-laughing

Rooms are reserved. and cant wait. to go. Come on June!!

OK Guys, We are just over a week out from when I leave so can I get a roll call of who is coming

The oil is changed in both bikes and a new sun visor ordered for Betsy's helmet. We'll leave Edgewater MD after rush hour and be there well before check in. I hope.

Cool. I wont be there till 4 or 5. I'm leaving Tennessee and going up to front royal and riding skyline drive down.

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