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650 v star dying

My v stars battery is fully charged and it starts up without a problem but less then a mile down the road it starts to sputter and lose power then it just shuts of and there's nearly no electrical power then I have to charge it again does anyone know what could be the problem?



Take the battery out and go to a good bike or battery shop and have them do a load test. While the battery is out, clean the terminal ends and the ground strap end where it attaches to the fame. If none of that helps, you will need to check the charging output. Could be the stator or the regulator. But, going dead so quickly has me leaning toward a bad battery. Let us know what you find.

Thanks I will let u know

I just started it up without charging it and it died after a while of riding and without charging it again the battery recovered and it started again so it's gotta be the stator or the regulator right?

Go ahead and get the terminals cleaned and do the load test. With most electrical troubleshooting, it's a process of elimination. Next, get the charging system check out. If your lucky. it's minor like bad or dirty connections. If not, it could be pricey like the stator..

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