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98 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Electrical Problem

New to the board. Just purchased a 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC last Friday. No turn signals, odometer or brake light. Rode it home and put a brand new battery in. Then checked the fuse box. The 15a signal fuse was blown. Placed a new one in and turned the key; Everything worked. About an hour later went out to take a ride, the light and gauges were out again. The fuse blew again. This time I put a 20a in and turned the key. Everything worked for about 10-seconds then went out again, only NOW the engine won't turn over. I have no headlights, no power anywhere. What did I blow by placing a larger fuse in? Had the battery rechecked, 12.9V and tested fine. I'm thinking whatever was blowing the fuse, blew the next component on the bike because the amperage was higher????

I can't afford a mechanic so I'm asking for ideas. What and where should I check? I know nothing about this bike, had to lookup where the fuse box was located. What's next? I'm hoping I didn't make a bad purchase at $2,500.




GET a manual there are several on this site for free. This will give the location of the harness,relays and wire color codes. IF you have blown the turn signal circuit fuse. I would start looking at that circuit. You may have to start to trace the wires and check for a grounded wire. I would look in the head lite bucket that is where most the wires end up. I would make sure the starter relay has not shorted out. It should be around the battery. Get a volt Ohm meter a cheap one from any where will work. Buy a good test light not a $3 dollar one. Make sure that the ground cable is clean and tight on both ends.

Bonjour nouveau sur le groupe. J ai un vl1500 de puis peu. Mon problème est qu' elle claque entre la 2 et 3 ème vitesse comme si elle n arrivait pas en s en enclencher correctement, quelqu un aurait eu le même problème merci

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