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Add or Update your Motorcycle Review to Win $100

Our sponsor CruiserCustomizing donated a $100 gift certificate - for a chance to win just add a motorcycle review
If you have already done that please edit and save the review to quality. You can also review bikes that you have previously owned or bikes that are not listed (sorry, your 50cc mofa doesn't quality ;-)).
If you add a video review you'll get two entries into the drawing for twice the chance to win. Just embed your Youtube or Vimeo video.
The contest ends 1/31/13, so hurry up.



Hi Uwe,
Bugger! I just did a review and added it to photos....
Can you please add Victory Hardball to the list?

Cool idea

hay boys thats $95.00 Australian dollars

Plus freight costs Mark.

Still worth trying for ..HA HA HA

Hi Steve, here is the Hardball
thanks for the reminder

Great idea ! About the only thing different about my bike is the "custom " dents and scratches Ive added...( sorry UWE , I didnt buy them from CC ! )

sorry, then you can't exchange them at CC ROFL

OK , I will send them to Dennis Kirk or J & P Cycles ! Im sure those "BOZOs " will take them ( and probably try to re sell them ! )

Done my friend..............NEW review finished ! Good luck to all who participate !

Oka Uwe, I updated and added the video. How do I enter or does that happen automatically?

Hey Bob...hope all is well and you had a Merry CHRISTmas ! Good luck in the contest !

Thanks Ken, hope you're feeling better! Has the insurance company looked at your bike yet?

Feeling GREAT..............all I gotta do is buy the parts and have a little paint work done ! Glad its winter , not riding a whole lot anyway !

Glad you're feeling GREAT!

Yes so glad you OK Ken mate

Thanks Bob and Allan..........stuff happens ! Hope my "stuff " has "run its course " and is OVER with !!

Bob, once you update you are entered into the prize drawing. Awesome video, if I was in the market for a Roadstar I definitely wanted to read your review and see your video!

Thanks, Uwe!

Hey Bob... hope all is well my friend.........when we WIN

Hey Bob , hope all is well...........when we win , whos turn to buy the BEER ? Mine , yours...................or PHILS ?

Thanks Ken! I'm coming along - saw my surgeon yesterday. She still wants me on "restricted duty" for a few more weeks until I see her again. But it will be March before I'm back on the Road Star.
As far as beer, well, I guess we'll just see who wins!

I found some pictures of my old VStar so I put them in video form and updated my VStar review as well! Pictures are worth a thousand words; not that I'm ever at a loss for words!

Checked out your "review " Bob ! I believe you won "hands down " ! Cant touch that my friend !!

Ken, there are a lot of members and a lot of reviews. We'll wait and see.

Your right about that Bob , but if all the "other " reviews " are like mine , you got it " HANDS DOWN " !!

I have a review ken. Wouldn't know how to start making a video. Guess I'm just not tech savvy.

Thanks uwe. I'll check it out. Maybe it'll teach an idiot something new.

Me either Chris .... Id rather "play out doors " than inside on my PC !

Geez Ken, by my reaconing it was 1.00am @ Knoxville when you posted that last comment.
Put the PC down....walk away...
Just joking mate!

Lets see ....1:30 am . Too late to go play "outside " ! Am about to call it a night Adrian. Figured I would call it "quits " when I had my last beer. About that time... may also make an "apperance " at work tommorow .......should rest a little. Nite John Boy....!!

Adrian who?
Time to go nighty-nites mate.

Breeze, it really is easy, believe me. I am not a tech person by any stretch of the imagination and I just started playing around with the movie program (Windows Movie Maker) on my computer and figured it out. But even if you don't have an editing program you can still shoot a video. Most (if not all) digital cameras now have a video feature and you can just upload what you shoot and post it. It doesn't have to be fancy with tags and special effects, most of which I don't know how to do either! Give a holler if you have any question.

Well thanks Bob. I may just do that. Got a lot on my plate right now but will try this video attempt soon.

Well Chris , clean that "plate " up. Put it in a "baggie " !

It's much more serious than that ol buddy. It's outta my hands and in the Lords. Tell you bout it later.

Im sorry..........if its anything I can do to help or if you just need an "ear " to listen.............

oh, boy, what's next, a translation tool? Smiley-wink

You get excited over the funniest things Uwe!
Google already do that...
"This is related sentences NY Yankees, Yankees uniform, MLB jerseys, and hats and Yankees. Let me share with you and I think very good!"

Do you think that is spam?

Hello. And Bye.

Hello and bye?

Just did a review on the LE for you Uwe Smiley-laughing

awesome! Thank you!

Translated... The woman - a poor defenseless creature that you peregryzet
throat if you do not think ...

A spammer?

Beachy...are you seeing things?

Im sure it was there, the profile pic had a Valk Engine and a red tank!

Must have been AussieSteve's Jennifer !! Smiley-wink

in Russian !!

Deleted it man and Steve's NY Yankees dude.

Al, you are spoiling our fun.


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