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Adding more power and torque

I have a 2007 Yamaha vstar 1100 classic. Was all custom until last week when I added a cobra exhaust, cobra jetkit and an k&N air filter. It’s increased the power some, not as much as I would like. I need help figuring out what mods I should do next, or typically what will give me the best result for my money.




bore it out

... and more aggressive cams

... or buy a bigger capacity bike ... like an 1800. Probably cheaper in the long run than trying to extract more power from an 1100.

The 1100, I have the same, is a comfortable but maybe not most powerfull bike you can get. For me, it’s enough but I can understand you would like to have some more. Before I had a Royalstar 1300 4 cylinder. More power but also more weight. Maybe for you it is like Peter answered and watch around for a more powerfull bike like a 1800...

Something like a Hypercharger to flow more air in to match the exhaust flowing more out.

I have an 1100 classic as well... I removed everything I could for city riding...I also plugged of the AIS at the box main rear intake (not the hose looping quick fix) I'm finding all the power I need (for me) on a not-the-quickest-of-the-bunch blocking, it didn't add anymore ponies, I'm riding differently, not having to pay attention to all the popping (on back throttling) and occasional backfiring (between gears) I'm riding at higher rpm's between gears and discovering the upper torque...or you could just buy a bigger bike

As they say in the classics ... there is no substitute for cubic inches ... OR ... I never met a ft/lb (or Nm in metric-world) of torque that I didn’t like!!!

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