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Adding an oil pressure gauge

So my next project for my 2001 Intruder VL 1500  is to add a slew of gauges, including an oil pressure gauge. Right now there is just the "low oil pressure" light indicator. I'm assuming I can wire the new oil pressure gauge to the same sensor that the indicator light is wired to. Has anyone else done this?




Hi Edwin,

Thanks, but I'm not looking for tools. I'm looking to add an instument panel with a number of gauges including a tachometer, volt meter, oil temperature gauge and an oil pressure gauge. At the moment all I have is an idiot light for low oil pressure, which I feel is inadequate. I can see the oil pressure sensor where the idiot light is connected to. That's what I was wondering, if I can simply wire in the oil pressure gauge to this sensor.

The part numbers are for adapters and a gauge that might work for you. The tach, volt meter and temp gauge aren't that hard to find. There are some Suzuki's that have available pressure gauges but I haven't come across one specifically for the Intruder..
Ask these people.

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