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Aftermarket handlebars

I’m looking to replace my OEM handlebars on my 1998 Suzuki vz800. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. It’s hard to see the indicator lights and they don’t have enough pullback for my liking. Please post pics or suggest you favourite bars. I don’t want ape hangers or drag bars but I am open to suggestions.




Yes, risers are definitely on the cards but the height will depend on my choice of bars. I reckon a handlebar with say a 6 inch rise would look funny on a 5 inch riser. The problem with choosing handlebars is that it is all online. There is nowhere near me that has a wide selection that I can put up against the bike and get get a good idea. I reckon the next best idea is to see other Marauders and order the one I like best

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