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Air noise from bike

I have a new to me 2008 vstar 1300 when the bike is idling, there is a very loud air sound from the right side of the bike ( thats what it sound like to me almost like a n aor compressor). My first thought was the air intake, but the box is tight and no difference in sound messing with it. The sound seems to be coming from the top area behind the air box, it seems to go away when giving throttle but is very loud when idling or coasting. Bike has Vance and Hines pipes and a power commander, other than that all stock..if it was some sort of vacuum leak would I notice it in performance, the bike runs great without a singe hickup be it riding or just idling, thanks in advance for any input




take it off and check

Make sure that a hole has not rubbed in to the air box. On my Strat that noise is normal, it is the engine just sucking in all the air.

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