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AIS rehashed

I know this subject (among Star owners) has been long debated and beaten to death but now I need some advice with regards to the AIS (there's no cats)... Im noticing some backfiring gearing up at normal speeds - doesn't happen if I 'throddle up' and change gears ... I'm thinking of disabling the AIS however not removing it as I dont feel comfortable tapping some .45's into the head. I've read all the blogs about it causing this and that - rotting lines, vacuum problems, etc... any advice? or has anyone had sucess (or not) over the long run with just looping the lines to block both ends, and blocking the single line (with a golf tee etc) ? 



The golf tee and looping method should only be used temporarily to see if it fixes your backfiring issue. This setup will not last. I know someone will say it does. If you go with method, keep an eye on it. The problem is condensation build up. Mother Nature always wins in the end.
DO NOT do this if you're running the stock exhaust as it will eventually damage the catalytic converters. If you have a aftermarket exhaust, then go for it but; do a full removal.

Thanks Edwin..I have aftermarket pipes - not cats
I don't want to remove the lines and don't like the .45 cal casing idea...

Here's a pictorial site I found (pdf) which does things a little different by blocking the whole AIS system

I've never seen anyone do, or talk about, this method before, but if it works (and the guy sez it does) any condensation - which may occur - may sit in the AIS module and dry out as opposed to sitting in the lines - what do you think?

it still have ais connected on my bike, and it has back fired sometimes, from dayone, its just the nature of the beast.

Mine seems to do it on higher throttle right after shifting especially through gears 2-3 ... its starting to get annoying ... and I find myself backing off the throttle more prior to shifting to avoid it .... slightly distracting

I have a bag of each type of the caps. LOL. Yes, it works and is reversible. Just having a senior moment. I bought them at True Value Hardware.

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