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Alexandra 2018 trip summary

Alexandra Vic

This past weekend Adam and I have been immersed in meeting with friends, old and new, hopefully showing them all a great time in Alexandra, VIC and the surrounding Murrindindi Shire.

Groups came in from Victoria, NSW, ACT and SA. Most converging on the motel at the same time on Friday. Our small group consisted of Phil, Don, Aida, Adam and I. We came in over the Black Spur, a first time riding it for some of our group. The beautiful setting and windy roads set the tone for the weekend. We embraced all our CC friends and the weekend had begun! A dinner up the street was organized so everyone could walk up there and relax with a beverage or two.

Saturday we rode out to Marysville, various activities to take in there including shops, pub lunch, waterfalls, sculpture park, and ride up the winding Lake Mountain. Day ended with a BBQ dinner.

Sunday morning was a bacon & eggs cooked breakfast before we converged on Grant Street Alexandra. We all parked on the footpath in front of the town hall which was hosting a Historic Photo Exhibition (hosts included Adams parents). Photo op outside the town hall, then headed out for a ride to Lake Eildon, looking out over the wall before riding over it, and then Skyline Road winding up to the Devils Cove at Fraser National Park. Back at the motel we had afternoon nibbles and some test-riding of bikes. Some started drinking after that but a few of us went for a ride out Whanregarwen Road, just a nice little evening loop before a BBQ leftovers dinner.

It’s been an awesome weekend thanks to the location with lovely riding roads and stunning scenery, gorgeous warm dry weather, one of the best laid out motels we’ve stayed at with inner grass courtyard, BBQ area and swimming pool, and the most important ingredient: the company of great friends! All up 16 bikes & 21 rider/pillions.

Special Mentions:

* Shaun (piperjay) - Recipient of the Outbackaussie Award for 2018, well deserved!
* Shaun, Alan, Dub and Vardy - BBQ duties
* Ladies of CC for helping to purchase and prepare our BBQ side dishes
* Chris (Wolfye) & Fran - Special guest appearance at Marysville lunch
* Al & Coz - Furthest travelled from NSW
* Norm & Trish - Extra effort to join us despite coming off a business conference
* Lucy - Courage in riding challenging roads including Skyline Rd, tick off the bucket list!
* Trevor & Gayle - Obligatory sunset ride to a lookout
* Steve (turbo) - most original photograph (of a random thong)
* Tony & Karen - Bar services rendered making some of the ladies Espresso Martinis
* Phil - Most inebriated, also long distance travelled
* Don & Aida - bringing the Rune, a rare and special machine (and no Adam still can’t buy it!)
* Adam - Ride leader and for suggesting Alexandra as 2018 destination.

A big thanks to everyone who made the trip to Alexandra, what a great bunch of people, everyone was so relaxed and easy going, you made it a pleasure to host this years rally. Truly.

These are always memorable trips, and this one has definitely lived up to everything we’ve come to expect out of these weekends. I’ve had a ball and I hope everyone else had a good time too. Thanks and see you all at the 2019 trip, if not sooner!

- To all those who were there please feel free to add your stories and memories of the weekend here too!

- Pics will be posted too.



that's a hell of a turn out sounds like a good time to be had

WOW!!! What a great time you all had. Hopefully I'll be at one or the other next year. Wild Hogs or this ride making plans now

Yes I would like to make it there next year, but a certain someone in my family seems to keep having issues that keeps the piggy bank on a diet.

Yep I was very happy with the turnout and everyone was so easy going we had a great time. Love to have you guys join next years run, they are always good ones!

Thanks to you and Adam for all your work putting this one together. Had a great time.

Lol. Just looked at our mention....we were the ONLY ones from NSW.

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