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For All You Guys With Gas Problems



Yep, what Vardy said.......Just can't beat a good fart joke!!!

I missed the safety warning. "Do not release gas near naked flames"

Methane Powered!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the laughs Tezza, as Dub said you can't beat a good fart joke. Are you buying a pair for Hog's. LOL.

No Ray but I think Trailor will. He's trying to take my title.

George Carlin talks about them,


Back in the day when i was in my 20s a mate of mine tried to light his fart as a party trick. He did get it alight but unfortunately he did an involuntary drawback and the flame went back through his jeans and burned his arse!

"A mate" Vardy? Lol. I see you can walk again with only minor discomfort...but that may be due to the seats on your bikes.

Hyuk hyuk hyuk .... hell of a way to do hair removal ...

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