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Almost there...

The Spring order of operations is moving a tad slow. We've had some good rains in the GTA (still continuing), but now the sweeper trucks are needed to get all the gravel and crap off the sides of the roads.
I pulled over to the side of the road real slow the other day, and i felt like i put my foot down on marbles! LOL
Not a big shocker to see that the potholes aren't really being addressed. This is usually the last thing the city takes care of. Stay alert folks. I see some real craters as i'm riding.

On a brighter note, I put on the saddlebags from on my VStar on Saturday. They look great!
This was after having a slight problem with their customer service department for over a month now, regarding some missing mounting hardware. When i informed them that things were missing, i was basically told to get the missing items from Home Hardware, because "it's going to be too expensive to ship mounting hardware to Canada". LOL
After a few well-placed emails to customer service and another couple of phone calls, they relented and sent the full mounting hardware kit. Really just a small thing, but to make a first purchase from a place and then be treated like that was a little concerning. I'm happy the issue didn't get out of hand.

Thanks to Viking Bags CS for finally coming to their senses, and putting the customer first :O)
I will be shopping there again, as well as recommending their products. Check them out if you haven't already, and are in the market.
The bags themselves are of very good quality, came at a great price and were simple to install. Pic to follow shortly.
Ride safe.Cool


Will be waiting on the pics.

There are some impressive potholes in Kingston too! wouldnt want to be riding around in the dark in a rainstorm right now...

Good job on the bags, they look great!


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