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Just wondering how many of other people are going this year,had a great time last year over to Jeans place.Hopeing to see ya all again.................



I'm going with gottaswiss and some of his friends.

Wellllll, I'm going to miss you guys this year, off to Muskegon Michigan rally and a couple of other newer ones that I have to try out, hopefully we can get together when I come up to Kingston for a visit...

This is coming up fast also. I'm surprised that Gene has not mentioned his BBQ. Wondering if Kyle is going to make it again this year?

Can I go too please?????????????

Everyone is welcome

Sounds like fun,if my Canadian partner and i get to go on vacation this year ,were there.Just need to hire a bike.

There are places close by to rent bikes

when is it?

June second I think,,

June 5-9th

I think to soon for us but we will be there in spirit,

i maybe could go to that one...

Wish I could go on this one. One day....

Hey Rick,you have a room yet,thought you said you were gonna.

Ya I'm staying with gottaswiss and company

I've got him this weekend, lol

Lol Tony

For those of you going to Americade that want to attend the BBQ, we are having it again this year. Contact me or Surfwer with your info so that we can send you an invite. This is our 4th year doing the BBQ and it is usually well attended and best of all it is free! Since ocanada isn't coming this year, we will have lots of extra food. Smiley-laughing

Don't forget to join the Americade tribe.

Dave, I will see you soon

Since Tony isnt going , everyones alcohol supply should be SAFE ! This sounds like a GREAT time. Would like to try this one out !

Ok. Fill me in. What is Americade in difference to Sturgis, or any other bike get together?????

how much are the rooms up there and are there any left? I could maybe ride up with Gotaswiss if I could get a place to stay...

It would be hard to find a room in Lake George and if you did it would probably be expensive. You could try and check in the next town which is like only 5 mins away in Queensbury but it will still cost about $140/night. Just do a search with expedia.

Phil, I have never been to Sturgis but I believe Americade is less biker oriented. There are more venders and organized rides along with many other things to do. There is still some parties going on down the main but you don't see the gangs, well I didn't. Check out the video

Thanks Rick. Looks like a real bike festival rather than just a 5 day brawl!!!!!!!! I will add it to my bucket list.

Bruce are you going and will you be at the BBQ?

Kat have you looked into going. I'm heading down Wednesday after work and heading home Saturday morning. Let me or Phil know what you are doing.

Who's going

ill wait til next year, I dont want to stay by myself without friends really close by

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